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The Latest Hot Deals for Gamers

  1. Left 4 Dead 2 (PC Download)

    $3.90at Green Man GamingList: $19.99(80% savings) expires Oct 28, 11am EDT

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    • Honestly you can't go wrong with Left 4 Dead 2 at lowest ever price of $3.90. Great co-op title to roamp through with friends, especially if you're looking for a Halloween themed title. Lowest ever price.

  2. How To Survive (PC Download)

    $2.92at Green Man GamingList: $14.99(81% savings) expires Oct 28, 11am EDT

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    • How to Survive hits lowest price thanks to GMG's Trick or Treat sale plus Dealzon's exclusive 22% off coupon. Decent game at this price.

  3. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PC Download)

    $5.99at GameStopList: $29.99(80% savings)

    • Believe it or not Dark Souls is rarely on sale. If you've never touched the game and have been looking at #2, grab the first installment from GameStop for only $6. Ties lowest ever price. Steam key.

  4. System Shock 2 (PC Download)

    $1.95at Green Man GamingList: $9.99(80% savings) expires Oct 28, 11am EDT

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    • If you want to liven up your Halloween week, System Shock 2 will do the trick. This was basically the only (and last) horror game I've ever played. Highly recommended.

  5. Portal Bundle (PC Download)

    $4.87at Green Man GamingList: $24.99(81% savings) expires Oct 28, 11am EDT

    Use coupon

    • GMG has the Portal bundle for only $4.87 after Dealzon's 22% off coupon. Not a bad deal at all! Deal expires Monday, you'll also get a chance at getting "treat" or a "trick" after purchase (eg. free game).

  6. Batman Arkham Origins (PC Download)

    $3.90at Green Man GamingList: $19.99(80% savings) expires Oct 28, 11am EDT

    Use coupon

    • Can't go wrong with Arkham Origins for only $3.90. The MSRP is somehow still $30 but its usually on sale for around $8. Now even cheaper for this weekend at GMG.

  7. Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth (PC Download)

    $37.49at Green Man GamingList: $49.99(25% savings)

    • Now launched in most regions! If you haven't "pre-ordered" yet, one of the best deal for Civ: Beyond Earth is at GMG. Get $12.50 off if you're a VIP member (aka have/create a GMG account). If you don't see the game after logging in, try clicking here to add to cart. For those in Australia and New Zealand, check notes for alternative deal.

  8. Green Man Gaming Sale: Trick or Treat

    UP TO 90% OFFat Green Man Gamingexpires Oct 27, 11am EDT

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    • Today GMG launched a huge "Trick or Treat" sale with discounts up to 90% off and a stacking 22% off coupon. The titles in the sale are mostly Halloween themed like State of Decay, Resident Evil, the F.E.A.R. series, and just tons more.

  9. Painkiller: Complete Pack (PC Download)

    $5.46at Green Man GamingList: $69.99(92% savings) expires Oct 28, 11am EDT

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    • The Painkiller: Complete Pack is a $70 purchase on Steam right now, but no joke GMG has a 92% discount dropping the price to $5.46. Includes Painkiller: Black Edition, Hell & Damnation, Overdose, Recurring Evil, REdemption, Resurrection, and a hoard of DLC packs. Just Painkiller: Hell & Damnation alone sells for $20 elsewhere.

  10. Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition (PC Download)

    $29.25at Green Man GamingList: $49.99(41% savings) expires Oct 28, 11am EDT

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    • New low on Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition for the PC. Today GMG dropped the price to $29 after coupon, or 41% off the usual $49.99 MSRP. Not bad for a September 5th release.

  11. Dell Inspiron i3137-3751sLV 11.6-inch Touchscreen Laptop

    $289.99at eBayList: $399.99(28% savings)

    • Need an inexpensive touchscreen laptop? This one has the bare minimum in terms of specs, but you don't get much lower than $290 for a new condition laptop with a touchscreen...

  12. Samsung HT-FM45 3D Blu-ray 5.1 Smart Home Entertainment System (Refurbished)

    $99.99at NewEggList: $199.99(50% savings)

    • Need a Blu-ray player AND better sound from your flatscreen setup? This Samsung system kills two birds with one stone, AND you can stream Netflix videos to boot. Plenty of Blu-ray players alone cost $100 or more -- this gives you the player, the speakers, the receiver, and the ability to stream Netflix for $100.

  13. Wii U Console 32GB Deluxe Set + Super Mario 3D World + Nintendo Land

    $269.99at RakutenList: $299.99(10% savings) expires Oct 27, 11am EDT

    • Rare $30 discount on the Wii U Console 32GB Deluxe Set w/ both Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land games. Free ship in the continental US. Sales tax charged in CA, CT, IL, MA, MN, MO, NY, TN, and WA.

  14. Lenovo U430p 59428077 Core i3-4030U, 4GB RAM

    $499.00at LenovoList: $749.99(33% savings) expires Oct 29

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    • Need a no-nonsense laptop with basic specs, but something that'll handle everyday tasks just fine? This slim Lenovo U430p might be a good candidate. Today Lenovo's selling it for its lowest ever price after coupon.

  15. HP Slate21 Pro All-in-One Android PC, 2GB RAM, 16GB HDD

    $249.99at GrouponList: $299.99(17% savings)

    • Don't mind Android for an OS? Hard to beat the $250 price on this 21.5-inch HP Slate21 All-in-One computer. Full 1080p screen, three USB ports, and an HDMI input if you want to use it as a monitor.

  16. Logitech G710 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    $80.99at NewEggList: $129.99(38% savings) expires Oct 30

    Use coupon

    • Best price yet on this Logitech G710 mechanical gaming keyboard. Lowest we've seen this at in the past is for $100. You'll get more feedback from the keys than with a standard board. Two zones of backlighting (WASD/arrow keys and the rest) for easy discovery in the dark, removable palm rest, and more.

  17. Samsung 840 Pro Series SSD 2.5" 256GB MZ-7PD256BW

    $135.00at AmazonList: $269.99(50% savings)

    • The tried and true 256GB Samsung 840 Pro Series SSD has solid (get it? get it?) performance characteristics, as well as thousands of owners who can attest to its longevity. Today it's cheapest ever at Amazon.

  18. Wii U Console 32GB Deluxe (Pre-owned)

    $179.99at CowBoomList: $219.99(18% savings)

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    • Pre-owned 32GB deluxe Wii U console drops to $180 at CowBoom (Best Buy subsidiary) today. That's $119 off buying one in new condition and $50 off buying in refurbished version.

  19. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare (PC Download)

    $14.99at GameStopList: $29.99(50% savings) expires Oct 31

    • The June released Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare goes half price at GameStop. Lowest price ever for the game save for a short drop to $14 back in September. The GS digital download department has improved considerably since the Summer 2014, emailing out Steam/Origin/Uplay keys rather than forcing you to download their client software.

  20. Panasonic TC-55AS530U 55-inch 120Hz Smart LED HDTV

    $599.99at Best BuyList: $999.99(40% savings)

    • Huge drop on this 55-inch Panasonic Smart TV. Today Best Buy dropped $400 to $599.99 with free shipping or free store pickup (where available). Lowest price ever by $80.