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Alice: Madness Returns

EXPIRED: Alice: Madness Returns Complete Collection (PC Download)

DRM: Origin
Alice: Madness Returns Complete Collection (PC Download)
list price:$29.99
expiredAug 26
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    Latest Editor's Notes

  • Michael Tibi
    Michael Tibi posted thisJul 29, 2014

    New low on Alice: Madness Returns Complete Collection on PC download at $4.97. Includes the base game, American McGee's Alice, and Weapons of Madness and Dresses Pack. Activates on Origin.

    Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

  • Viet Do
    Viet DoJul 27, 2013when the price was $7.49

    Complete collection of Alice Madness Returns is $7.49 during GamersGate Summer Sale. Comes with extra dresses (heh) with damage bonuses and weapons. Origin activated.

  • Mike Paddock
    Mike PaddockJan 11, 2013when the price was $11.99

    The complete collection of Alice: The Madness Returns on PC is down to $12 at Amazon. That's the lowest ever by $3. Just the Alice: Madness Returns game by itself is $15.13 on Amazon.

  • Mike Paddock
    Mike PaddockSep 14, 2012

    The hack-'n'-slash Alice: Madness Returns game is down to five bucks for PC at Gamestop. Cheapest we've ever seen by $1 but usual sells in the $15-$30 range.

  • Viet Do
    Viet DoJul 13, 2012

    Amazon sale continues with certain titles even cheaper than Steam's Summer Sale. Now $4.99 and lowest price ever for Alice: Madness Returns.

The long long long (did I mention, long?) awaited sequel to the 2000 video game American McGee's Alice. During the pre-order time period, players received a bonus offer of Alice: Madness Returns Soundtrack. The release date was on 6/14/2011.

For those that aren't familiared with American McGee's cult classic Alice, the game is a horror-ish, third-person action game with a twist of spin on the very classic Alice in Wonderland story (the book, not the Disney movie).  While not a revolutionary game in any means, it defined American McGee's credence as a game maker and mood setter (it was one of the most aesthetically awesome game of its time).

After over a decade, the sequel is now coming out via American McGee's own development studio Spicy Horse (???) which is based in Shanghai (McGee started the company by himself as he decided to shift development work into some place more interesting).

Madness return is highly anticipated to capture the cult favorite, rocking modern graphic capabilities such as Unreal Engine 3.  It will be availble on the PS3, Xbox 360, and of course the PC (lets hope consoles don't ruin this production!).  The game is rated M, so uh, be old if you want to play it.

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  1. expiredAug 26, 2014
    Alice: Madness Returns Complete Collection (PC Download)

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