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Cheap iPod Touch Deals, Apple Accessories

iPod Touch 16GB 4th Gen (Refurbished)

iPod Touch 16GB 4th Gen (Refurbished)
list price:$199.99
eBay$94.95Apr 01, 2015
shipping:Free shipping
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      Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

    • Michael Tibi
      Michael TibiJan 30, 2015when the price was $99.00

      Need a cheap replacement iPod? Today Daily Steals has a refurb 4th Gen Touch 16GB version down to $99 with free shipping. A good $110 off the cheapest in new condition and $106 off the cheapest 5th Gen price.

    • Mike Paddock
      Mike PaddockOct 14, 2013when the price was $140.00

      Brand new iPod Touch 16GB 4th Gen dropped to $140 with free shipping on eBay Deals. Next best price online is $37 more ($177). It's not the newest version available, but quite a bit cheaper as the best price onilne for a 16GB 5th gen is $219 ($79 more).

    • CB
      CBAug 30, 2013when the price was $139.99

      I would use caution when purchasing this from I purchased this exact iPod from 1SaleADay on Aug. 13th via their ebay page for $124.99 and still have not received the iPod not any response from them as to why. Research them through their eBay feedback and you will notice that many other buyers of this particular item have not received theirs either. I ended up having to open a case with eBay to receive any type of response at all. Also the BBB(Better Business Bureau) currently has an Advisory against 1SaleADay for similar "take your money and run" incidents. Research thoroughly before buying from them.

    • Mike Paddock
      Mike PaddockAug 30, 2013when the price was $139.99

      Open box discount on the 4th gen iPod Touch today only on 1SaleADay. Cheapest price online in undisturbed retailer packaging is $177 at Amazon.

    • Mike Paddock
      Mike PaddockAug 02, 2013when the price was $139.99

      Open box discount today on the 4th Gen iPod Touch w/ Retina display. At $140 it's the cheapest we've seen the iPod Touch 4th gen by $10. Next best price online for the 4th gen is $180. The 5th gen iPod Touch became available on May 30th and is still $229 at the Apple Store.

    EXPIRED: iPod Touch 32GB Retina 5th Gen

    iPod Touch 32GB Retina 5th Gen
    list price:$249.99
    Best Buy$224.99
    expiredMay 05
    shipping:Free shipping
    EXPIRED: May 05
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        Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

      • Daniel Brasher
        Daniel BrasherJul 18, 2013when the price was $248.50

        Lowest price we've ever seen on the 5th gen Retina iPod Touch 32GB for new condition. Sorta like an iPhone without cell service or data plan. $27 less via eBay than you'll find it at Amazon or elsewhere.

      • Mike Paddock
        Mike PaddockJul 16, 2013when the price was $219.99

        Solid $79 discount on the newest iPod Touch 32GB 5th Gen. It's in refurbished condition w/ a 90 day warranty. Next best refurbished unit is $269, while the cheapest in new condition is $275. Available in blue or black colors.

      • Mike Paddock
        Mike PaddockJan 22, 2013when the price was $269.00

        Solid discount on the newest 32GB iPod 5th generation on eBay deals. At $269 it's the lowest price ever by $6 and a full $30 off the Apple Store price.

      • Mike Paddock
        Mike PaddockJan 14, 2013when the price was $274.99 with 1 coupon for $25.00 off

        First decent discount on the newest iPod 5th generation at NewEgg. Today's coupon code make it $275 or $24 off the $299 Apple Store price. Lowest seen since it's Oct. 23rd release.

      • Daniel Brasher
        Daniel BrasherJan 03, 2013when the price was $279.00

        This eBay deal essentially ties the lowest price we've recorded in the past for the 5th gen iPod Touch. A lot of people scoff at the iPod Touch as being essentially a non-cellular compatible iPhone, but it's a heck of a lot cheaper and can do most things an iPhone can (other than call people on a cell network, of course). Plus you've got more color choices.

      The latest and greatest iPod

      The newest iPod Touch is the 5th Generation, the first edition with Retina display. It was released in October 2012 and it comes in just two sizes: 32GB (list price $299) and 64GB ($399). Apple also makes the 5th gen iPod Touch in five colors: black, blue, pink, white, and yellow.

      The previous 4th generation iPod is still available. It was only black or white, but it was made with four storage capacities 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. The prices on these vary wildly because sometimes you'll find them in new condition, but many times they're refurbished. So it depends on the retailer and supply for a particular model.

      Why should I get it?

      Well, this is the latest improvement on the product that really started it all - 'it' being the seismic shift from portable CD players to MP3 players and the true rise of digital music.

      The design is tried and proven to work well, and accordingly it's easily the most popular portable MP3 player. If a company decides to design a new accessory for portable MP3 players, chances are they'll design it for use with the iPod Touch. Dozens of headphones are designed to complement its sleek look. Hundreds of cases are created to keep it safe from bumps and falls. The biggest brands in audio equipment for auto and home build USB ports into their nicer receivers, head units, and boomboxes because they know an enormous portion of their potential customer base will want to hook their iPod Touch up to their equipment. Popularity and ubiquity translate to increased compatibility and usability.

      What else can it do?

      Everything. One fundamental characteristic that sets the iPod Touch apart from almost any other MP3 player other than its easy interface and common sense design - what led it to obliterate Microsoft's Zune challenger and eclipse other players currently on the market - is that it does far more than play MP3s.

      You can message people. Surf the web. Take and share photos. Video call on Skype. Watch Netflix or Hulu Plus. Listen to Spotify or Pandora. You can even play games that take advantage of the internal accelerometers to let you maneuver more immersively. There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps on the App Store right at your fingertips. And Siri comes standard, so you can ask when a movie's playing near you, get directions to the nearest restaurant, and so on.

      Quite simply, it can do essentially everything an iPhone can, just without the ability to connect to a cellular network. But if you're around WiFi most of the time (as most people are at home or at work), who cares?

      And it's a heck of a lot cheaper, especially if you find a deal through us. : )

      More Options

      1. $94.95Apr 01, 2015
        iPod Touch 16GB 4th Gen (Refurbished)
      2. expiredMay 05, 2015
        iPod Touch 32GB Retina 5th Gen

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