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Discounted iTunes Gift Cards Sale

$100 iTunes Gift Card

$100 iTunes Gift Card
list price:$100
eBay$85.00Aug 24, 2015
shipping:Free shipping
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    Latest Editor's Notes

  • Daniel Brasher
    Daniel Brasher posted thisAug 24, 2015

    Looking for a little off your next iTunes expenditures? The $100 iTunes card for $85 deal is back via reputable eBay seller today.

    Apple iTunes $50 Gift Card (Email Delivery)

    Apple iTunes $50 Gift Card (Email Delivery)
    list price:$50
    Target$42.50Aug 22, 2015
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      Latest Editor's Notes

    • Viet Do
      Viet Do posted thisAug 22, 2015

      Target has iTunes gift card on sale at up to 15% off on denomination of $15, $50, and $100. Email delivery so you can add to account and grab your App/iTunes purchase ASAP. REDcard owners gets another 5% off.

      Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

    • Mike Paddock
      Mike PaddockAug 05, 2015when the price was $40.00

      Anyone up for 20% off iTunes? Today this $50 digital only Gift Card dropped to $40 on PayPal's eBay store page. A total of 20,000 in stock, so a good number available.

    • Daniel Brasher
      Daniel BrasherJun 29, 2015when the price was $40.00

      The classic 20% off deal is back for the $50 iTunes code via PayPal Digital Gifts. Email delivery means you won't have to wait too long (though in some cases delivery is up to 24 hours). Appears to be almost out of stock.

    • Michael Tibi
      Michael TibiJun 09, 2015when the price was $40.00

      The 20% off deal on Apple iTunes card is selling quickly as per usual at eBay. Grab a $50 card for $40 and save on movies, music, apps, updates, and all the other things you can get on the iTunes Store.

    • Daniel Brasher
      Daniel BrasherApr 27, 2015when the price was $40.00

      The classic $50 for $40 iTunes gift card deal is back via a reputable eBay seller. Not an emailed code, unfortunately, but what's a few days of waiting?

    • Mike Paddock
      Mike PaddockApr 24, 2015when the price was $40.00

      iTunes $50 Gift Card slashed to $40 on GiftCardMall's eBay store page. Rare 20% discount.

    Apple iTunes $75 Gift Card

    Apple iTunes $75 Gift Card
    list price:$75
    eBay$65.00Jul 15, 2015
    shipping:Free shipping
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      Latest Editor's Notes

    • Daniel Brasher
      Daniel Brasher posted thisJul 15, 2015

      Ever use iTunes? Yeah, probably. Today you can get a little more bang for your buck on the store - a reputable eBay seller is giving us $75 iTunes gift cards for $65 a pop.

      If you're looking for the best iTunes gift card deals anywhere - or you're looking for a great gift - you've come to the right place.

      What IS an iTunes gift card / code?

      In the iTunes Store, an iTunes gift card or code is the equivalent of cash. Just input the gift code and it adds credit in your account. This is the same credit also lets you buy things from Apple's App Store.

      You have literally millions of things you can purchase in the iTunes Store - everything from the latest Rihanna single to Mac operating system upgrades to apps to full-blown software suites - all available instantly by download.

      Why would I want to buy one? Why not just link my credit card to my Apple ID and be done with it?

      Two words: guaranteed discounts.

      Every month or so, we spot a discount on iTunes cards or codes. (They're rare.) The typical iTunes card deal is either 10% or 15% off regular price. The best iTunes card deal is 20% off -- for example, a $50 iTunes gift card selling for $40 or a $100 card for $80.

      The 20% off iTunes credit deals sell out pretty quickly because this is such a popular gift and pretty much everyone can use it. But even when there's only a 10-15 percent savings available, we encourage our friends and family to jump on it, because you never know when the next discount will come along, and at least that way you're locking in savings off list price.

      To make sure you don't miss an iTunes deal, click "Get price drop email alerts" above so we can let you know when there's an iTunes card sale.

      Almost anyone can find uses for an iTunes gift card. Do you like music? The iTunes Store has millions upon millions of songs for download. Even if you don't own an iPod or a Mac computer, you can almost always download the iTunes application and then get to downloading almost any song under the sun. And for people who ARE already firmly rooted in the iTunes / Apple ecosystem and own an iPad, iPod, iPhone, or Mac computer, an iTunes gift card is essentially just advance payment for inevitable operating system upgrades, cool apps, and more.

      In other words, when an iTunes gift card goes on sale, if you're going to be buying from the iTunes Store in the future, you might as well secure a discount in advance. If you know you'll spend $50 on the iTunes store in the future (most people will if they spend at all), why not pay $40 instead and get an extra $10 free?

      The only thing better than an iTunes gift card is an iTunes gift code. Either way, you'll be entering a code in the iTunes Store to add the value purchased to your account. But in most cases, you should be able to obtain your code via email within minutes of purchasing rather than waiting for a physical card to ship to you. (Of course, if it's a gift, the tangible still does have greater impact, so a card is certainly just as appreciated in that case.)

      More Options

      1. $85.00Aug 24, 2015
        $100 iTunes Gift Card
      2. $42.50Aug 22, 2015
        Apple iTunes $50 Gift Card (Email Delivery)
      3. $65.00Jul 15, 2015
        Apple iTunes $75 Gift Card

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