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Cheap Dre Beats Headphones, Deals on Studio, Pro

Beats Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones (White/Blue)

Beats Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones (White/Blue)
list price:$199.99
Microsoft$179.99Nov 24, 2014
shipping:Free shipping
expiresDec 01
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      Dre Beats Solo HD ControlTalk Headphones (Refurbished)

      Dre Beats Solo HD ControlTalk Headphones (Refurbished)
      list price:$149.99
      eBay$79.99Nov 18, 2014
      shipping:Free shipping
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        Latest Editor's Notes

      • Mike Paddock
        Mike Paddock posted thisNov 18, 2014

        Dre Beats Solo HD ControlTalk Headphones ties their all time lowest price ever today on eBay Deals. Shipping is free in the continental US. Sales tax charged by the seller only in Maryland.

        Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

      • Michael Tibi
        Michael TibiSep 11, 2014when the price was $79.99

        Need a premium set of headphones under a hundred bucks? eBay is offering Dre Beats Solo HD headphones for $80 today with free shipping. They're in refurbished condition, but cheapest new is $170.

      • Daniel Brasher
        Daniel BrasherMay 26, 2014when the price was $89.99 with 1 coupon for $10.00 off

        Today's Beats Solo HD deal from Rakuten beats Amazon's price by about $50. Technically they tie the cheapest price we've ever seen on them, but this $90 price point was for refurbished headphones in the past, so today's deal is a distinct improvement.

      • Mike Paddock
        Mike PaddockMar 31, 2014when the price was $99.99

        Dre Beats Solo HD ControlTalk headphones ties its lowest price ever today at 1Sale. These "like new" condition refurbs are a full $50 cheaper than you'll find 'em in brand new condition ($150).

      • Daniel Brasher
        Daniel BrasherMar 06, 2014when the price was $99.99

        This $100 price on the Dre Beats Solo HD headphones ties the lowest we've ever seen, as well as saves you $50 compared to Amazon and elsewhere.

      • Daniel Brasher
        Daniel BrasherNov 26, 2013when the price was $99.99

        Only Dark Blue left for shipping! These Beats Solo HDs at Best Buy tie their previous low, last seen a month and a half ago.

      EXPIRED: Beats by Dr. Dre Studio

      Beats by Dr. Dre Studio
      list price:$299.99
      total savings:$100
      coupon code:
      for $70 off
      Best Buy$199.99 w/ Coupon
      expiredNov 25
      shipping:Free shipping
      EXPIRED: Nov 25
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      Tuned for deep bass, full power, and extreme clarity; Studio Beats feature advanced speaker design, powered amplification, and active noise canceling. Check out our own photo gallery of the Dr Dre Beats headphones.

          Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

        • Mike Paddock
          Mike PaddockJun 23, 2014when the price was $99.99

          Dre Beats down to a $100, free ship on Daily Steals eBay page. It's in refurbished condition, but is the lowest price ever by $9 and $80 off the cheapest in new condition ($180).

        • Michael Tibi
          Michael TibiJun 23, 2014when the price was $109.00

          Beats by Dr. Dre Studio headphones are down to $109 with free shipping today at Daily Steals - the lowest price ever seen by $6. They're in refurbished condition but come with a 90 day warranty. In brand new condition, they run $299.

        • Viet Do
          Viet DoNov 28, 2013when the price was $159.95

          Who would have think? These cans are now only $150 with free ship during Black Friday at BluTek USA on eBay. Free shipping. New in box. Sales tax in NY only.

        • Mike Paddock
          Mike PaddockOct 30, 2013when the price was $114.99

          If you've always wanted a great deal on Dre Beats Studio headphones, here's a shot to get them for near the $100 price point. This orange refurb set at NewEgg is only $115 with free shipping - the lowest we've ever seen Dre Studios go for by $4. Elsewhere you'd have to pay over $200.

        • Daniel Brasher
          Daniel BrasherOct 04, 2013when the price was $119.00

          Well, if 1SaleADay's selling the Beats Studios for $119.99, what better way to compete than by selling them for $119 flat? These are cheapest ever by...99 cents...but they're still $61 off PC Richard and other retailers. Self-explanatory product - Beats are ubiquitous in the headphone and fashion world, and while they might've been a little overpriced by virtue of their backer when they were selling for closer to $300, they're a pretty solid value proposition now.

        EXPIRED: Beats by Dre Executive Headphones

        Beats by Dre Executive Headphones
        list price:$299.95
        expiredNov 22
        shipping:Free shipping
        EXPIRED: Nov 22
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            Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

          • Daniel Brasher
            Daniel BrasherJun 04, 2014when the price was $149.00

            Today these bougie Beats headphones are the cheapest we've seen by nearly $40, not to mention over $90 off the current next best price. Wonder if Apple will be rolling out new lines with more white or aluminum extrusion involved...well, whatever the case, the stalwart models are falling nicely in price right now.

          • Michael Tibi
            Michael TibiMay 20, 2014when the price was $179.99

            Beats by Dre Executive headphones are down to $180 with free shipping today at 1Sale. Lowest price ever seen by $19. Next best price online is $260.

          • Daniel Brasher
            Daniel BrasherApr 08, 2014when the price was $199.00

            Solid deal on these Beats Executive headphones - they're cheapest ever by over $40, as well as over $100 off Amazon.

          • Mike Paddock
            Mike PaddockOct 17, 2013when the price was $239.99

            Feeling like an executive today? Beats Executive headphones are $60 off at 1SaleADay. Everywhere else they go for the full $300 list price. Built with an aluminum frame, they include active noise cancellation and other quality parts designed to last.

          EXPIRED: Beats by Dr. Dre Mixr HD On-Ear Headphones (Refurbished)

          Beats by Dr. Dre Mixr HD On-Ear Headphones (Refurbished)
          list price:$250
          Daily Steals$129.00
          expiredNov 13
          shipping:Free shipping
          EXPIRED: Nov 13
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            Latest Editor's Notes

          • Michael Tibi
            Michael Tibi posted thisNov 13, 2014

            Beats by Dr. Dre Mixr headphones are down to $129 with free shipping today at Daily Steals. Lowest price ever seen by $21. They're in refurbished condition but come with a 90 day warranty.

            Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

          • Daniel Brasher
            Daniel BrasherJun 02, 2014

            Daily Steals has a new low on Beats by Dre Mixr headphones by $31. You get 8 colors to choose from for these DJ-style phones.

          • Mike Paddock
            Mike PaddockMay 07, 2014when the price was $159.99 with 1 coupon for $19.01 off

            Solid price on Beats by Dr. Dre Mixr headphones. After $71 instant savings and stacking $19 coupon code the price drops to $160 - a new low by $10. Shipping is free. Elsewhere you're looking at $200-$250.

          • Daniel Brasher
            Daniel BrasherApr 18, 2014when the price was $169.99

            Best deal we've ever seen on new condition Beats Mixr headphones. Basically every other retailer is selling them for their full $250 list price, so you're saving $70.

          Love them or hate them, Dre's Beats are one of the most popular choices for a solid set of headphones. While you can assuredly get sets of similar or better sound quality for the same price, the recognizable logo and wide variety of designs in the Beats line is a tough combo to beat. At time of writing, there are six headphones, four earphones, and three speakers bearing the Beats name.


          When these babies go on sale, they often sell out in a matter of minutes or hours depending on how steep a discount we see. All Beats headphones include an in-line remote (other than the Wireless model, of course) and some sort of carrying case. You can read more about what makes each model unique below.

          Beats Studio

          These are the originals. The iconic model that started it all. The Beats Studio phones include noise canceling, cushy ear cups, an in-line to control your music, a 1/4" plug adapter, hard shell carrying case, and a cleaning cloth. They run $300 list and come in 9 colors (plus a white Ekocycle model made from 31% recycled material, $350 list).

          Beats Solo HD

          If you didn't want to bust out three bills to cover the cost of the Studios, check out the Solo HDs with a $200 list. They're actually the only Beats model that has TWO speakers inside each headphone (for a total of four sitting on your head), which ostensibly improves sound definition and separation between highs and lows. They're flexible and reinforced with a metal strip for durability, and they even have a built-in microphone to let you take calls in between songs (branded as ControlTalk). Eight colors to choose.

          Beats Pro

 uses these in the studio. They're $400 list and sheathed in steel and aluminum. They don't employ digital noise reduction, but in theory they don't need to because the ear cups are so incredibly heavily padded. You get the classic coiled cable, 1/4" adapter, pouch, and cleaning cloth with these bad boys.

          Beats Mixr

          As you might guess from the stylized spelling, the Beats Mixr phones are designed to deliver booming bass at high volume - ideal for someone spinning for a party. The ear cups swivel and the headband's flexible to let you check the mix periodically without fear of breaking the band or cup connectors. Inspired by David Guetta with a list of $250, these have a coiled cable, 1/4" adapter, case, and cloth.

          Beats Executive

          You won't see a slew of color options for these - black and brushed silver is your color scheme. Beats Executive are the bougie Beats phones. At $300 list, they're lightweight for easy travel and feature active noise canceling like the Beats Studio models. Airline adapter, 1/4" adapter, hard shell case, and cleaning cloth come standard.

          Beats Wireless

          If you don't want a cord getting in the way, Beats Wireless headphones run you $280 and offer 10 hours of battery life and a Bluetooth connection to your phone, MP3 player, computer, or other Bluetooth device. Ear cup controls for your music are a given. They come with a USB charging cable, case, and cloth.


          For on-the-go and athletic types, you've got four kinds of Beats earphones at your disposal. They generally run cheaper than the regular Beats on and over-ear headphones, but they can't be beat for portability or convenience. In general, these aren't as likely to sell out even with occasional substantial discounts, since they're not as iconic, but that's a good thing if they're what you need. Like the headphones, Beats earphones have in-line remotes to give you easy-to-access control over your music.

          Beats Tour

          You could argue the Beats Tours are the Beats earphone equivalent of the Beats Studio headphones. They're $150 list, come in black or white, and feature a tangle-free cable built-in mic to take calls on your phone when necessary. They come in a hard case with 7 pairs of different sized bud inserts for the perfect fit.

          Dre Powerbeats

          LeBron teamed up with Dre to design these for the gym, the basketball court, or wherever else you find yourself active and not wanting to break your buds. At $150 list, they come with earclips to keep them in place. They're like the earbud equivalent of the Solo HDs in that they've got two speakers within each bud for definition, but they let in ambient noise to keep you safe and aware of your surroundings. They include an extension cable, hard case, and 3 pairs of ear tip fits.

          Dre Urbeats

          These are clearly a concatenation of urban and Beats. They're $100 at list price, are built for durability with a solid metal housing, and come with a storage pouch and 4 pairs of ear tips.

          Dre Heartbeats

          Lady Gaga designed these to "[broadcast] bullets of sound right through your ears and into your heart," which sounds dangerous but undeniably stylish if you're into Gaga's aesthetic. These $130 earphones feature a tangle-free leathery cord and gunmetal studded buds. Throw them in the included leather pouch and get a good fit with 7 sizes of ear tips included.


          Enjoying Beats audio doesn't have to be a "solo" experience (pun regrettably intended). You can go old-school with a boombox instead and share the music with your friends, or with angry neighbors. (They're probably just mad Dre is coming up with cool new Beats products instead of releasing Detox after over ten years.)

          Dre Beatbox

          You won't have to use your mouth to make a phat beat to have someone spit over for this one, although "free" would certainly be easier on your wallet than the $400 list the Dre Beatbox commands. However, it's a lot louder and bassier than you can possibly be. The "speaker system" comes with rubber feet to adjust height, a power supply (you'd hope, right?), a remote control, and 5 iPod/iPhone adapter docks to fit just right.

          Dre Beatbox Portable

          The Beatbox Portable runs the same list price as the regular Beatbox but has handles for easy carrying to the nearest corner or party. You can change tracks from any Bluetooth-enabled device (laptop or phone, perhaps) if you don't want to use the included remote, and it'll run old school off 6 D batteries in addition to wall power. Comes with 7 adapter docks to fit your iDevice.

          Beats Pill

          Don't try to ingest this one. It's quite literally a tough pill to swallow, but at $200, it's only half as difficult as the Beatboxes at list price. The Beats Pill lets you change tracks from your phone like the Beatbox Portable, but it's also got an internal microphone to let you conference call via Bluetooth with your phone. You'll get a 1.5m audio cable, USB charge/data cable, carry case, and AC power adapter. For portability, throw it on the included carabiner and you're good to go.

          More Options

          1. $179.99Nov 24, 2014
            Beats Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones (White/Blue)
          2. $79.99Nov 18, 2014
            Dre Beats Solo HD ControlTalk Headphones (Refurbished)
          3. expiredNov 25, 2014
            Beats by Dr. Dre Studio
          4. expiredNov 22, 2014
            Beats by Dre Executive Headphones
          5. expiredNov 13, 2014
            Beats by Dr. Dre Mixr HD On-Ear Headphones (Refurbished)

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