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Cheap Android Tablet Deals

Pioneer R1 7-inch 8GB Android Tablet

7.0" Display - 8GB Storage - 1GB RAM
Pioneer R1 7-inch 8GB Android Tablet
list price:$99.99
Walmart$39.99Sep 16, 2014
shipping:Free store pickup
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      EXPIRED: Ematic Genesis 7-inch 8GB Android Tablet + McAFee Multi-Access

      7.0" Display - 4GB Storage
      Ematic Genesis 7-inch 8GB Android Tablet + McAFee Multi-Access
      list price:$69.99
      total savings:$60
      rebate:$60 rebate instructions
      expiredOct 28
      EXPIRED: Oct 28
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          Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

        • Michael Tibi
          Michael TibiJul 03, 2014when the price was $29.99

          If you're looking for a cheap Android tablet and don't mind messing with a mail-in rebate, TigerDirect has a new price drop on this 7-inch Ematic Genesis Android tablet for $30 - the cheapest we've ever seen.

        • Yuna Wolowitz
          Yuna WolowitzNov 14, 2012when the price was $59.98

          Cheap Android Tablet at Walmart, New Low Price, $60 with free store pickup. Next best price online is at Amazon for $89. Android 4.0 OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, 7-inch touch screen, 1GHz Processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage, 5GB cloud storage, MicroSD slot lets you add up to 32GB storage.

        If you're interested in getting a tablet but don't want to pay the half a grand premium for a new iPad or iPad imitator, you've got a slew of other options.

        The Android tablets we post on this page vary widely in terms of processor speed, available RAM, and overall capabilities. Some will be able to stream Netflix shows and movies in very high quality while others may be a little more modest in their repertoire.

        Regardless, at these prices, these tablets are undoubtedly worthy of your consideration and can often do more than devices made for specialized purposes that are more expensive.

        For example, Amazon's new Kindle Paperwhite eReader currently costs $119 at the cheapest. For that, you'll still see advertisements on the home screen when you're using it, you get a black and white (read: not color) screen, and a very limited experimental web browser that can be used for reading Wikipedia articles, checking basic email, and other simple tasks. You don't get the ability to play MP3s since there's no speaker or headphone jack.

        Chances are right now there's an unassuming Android tablet on this page that you could read an eBook on - in full color - while simultaneously listening to your favorite music. And it probably costs less than most popular eReaders.

        As with any "discount" products, you'll want to read further about models you're considering to determine whether they'll meet your needs. There's no point in getting a tablet if you're just going to end up using it as a shiny glorified cutting board in your kitchen because it didn't do what you bought it to do.

        Few of these tablets will rival a more polished, R&Dd model like the iPad. But if you're looking for something to check email on the go, surf the web, watch a few videos, and maybe even play a little Angry Birds in Space, one of these tablets could be your diamond in the rough without costing anywhere close to one.

        More Options

        1. $39.99Sep 16, 2014
          7" Pioneer R1 8GB Android Tablet
        2. expiredOct 28, 2014
          7" Ematic Genesis 8GB Android Tablet + McAFee Multi-Access

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