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Cheap Batteries AA or AAA packs

EXPIRED: Dynex AA or AAA Alkaline Batteries (48 Pack)

Dynex AA or AAA Alkaline Batteries (48 Pack)
list price:$13.99
Best Buy$6.99
expiredMay 27
shipping:Free store pickup
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Price History

Showing price history since Jan 6, 2016
The average price for this deal since released is $8.24. Lowest historic price was $6.99 on May 27, 2016.

    Latest Editor's Notes

  • Michael Tibi
    Michael Tibi posted thisMay 27, 2016

    Sick of buying 4 packs of AA batteries for you Xbox / Playstation controllers? How about a 48 pack for eight bucks. Today only deal from Best Buy.

    Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

  • Daniel Brasher
    Daniel BrasherApr 28, 2016when the price was $10.99

    Most bulk battery buys are for one type of battery, but if you want a good selection, this pack includes 16 AA, 12 AAA, 6 C, 6 D, and two 9V batteries. Not too shabby. You'd pay at least half this for almost any kind of last-minute battery purchase in a checkout line at a big box store. Don't waste your money - get this instead and prepare.

  • Michael Tibi
    Michael TibiApr 20, 2016when the price was $6.99

    Forty eight pack of batteries only seven bucks today only at Best Buy. Free store pickup available or free shipping on a total order of $35 and up. Half the usual $14.

  • Daniel Brasher
    Daniel BrasherApr 13, 2016when the price was $10.99

    Need almost any kind of battery? This pack almost certainly has what you need, with some to spare for that "oh, guess that's why I can't turn on the TV anymore" moment. Much cheaper than buying last minute at a big box store...

  • Daniel Brasher
    Daniel BrasherApr 07, 2016when the price was $6.99

    Everyone needs AA or AAA batteries at some point, whether it's for remotes, game controllers, flashlights... Why pay $7 for maybe a pack of 8 last minute in a supermarket checkout line when you get 48 of them for the same price at Best Buy today?

  • Daniel Brasher
    Daniel BrasherMar 28, 2016when the price was $7.99

    Might not be today, but chances are in the next year a remote of yours will run out of batteries. You'll have two choices - swap batteries with another remote, delaying the inevitable, or be prepared with a big pack of batteries. Today you can get 48 AA or AAAs for only $8 - a tiny fraction of what you'd pay in the checkout line last minute.

EXPIRED: Energizer Batteries

Energizer Batteries
Woot$18.99 - $209.99
expiredMay 23
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    Latest Editor's Notes

  • Mike Paddock
    Mike Paddock posted thisMay 23, 2016

    Not sure what you would need 620 AA batteries for, but if you want a bulk discount it's available today only at Woot. Get 100 AA's for $35 or go nuts up to 620 AA's for $200 and other options like a 24 pack of D's only $30.

    Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

  • Daniel Brasher
    Daniel BrasherMay 02, 2016

    You'll eventually probably need AA or AAA batteries for remotes, controllers...and 9V batteries for smoke alarms. Cs and Ds are less common, but...point being, needing batteries eventually is almost an inevitability. Might as well save on a small bulk pack rather than paying markup grabbing them last-minute in a checkout line.

  • Daniel Brasher
    Daniel BrasherDec 11, 2015

    These bulk battery buys are basically "one and done" purchases in my mind - buy the pack that has the most batteries you want, then don't run out for a decade or more.

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  1. expiredMay 27, 2016
    Dynex AA or AAA Alkaline Batteries (48 Pack)
  2. expiredMay 23, 2016
    Energizer Batteries
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