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Crysis 3 Deals

EXPIRED: Crysis Trilogy (PC Download)

DRM: Origin
Crysis Trilogy (PC Download)
list price:$49.99
expiredJun 19
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      EXPIRED: Crysis 3 (PC Download)

      Release Date: 02/19/13 - DRM: Origin
      Crysis 3 (PC Download)
      list price:$19.99
      expiredJun 19
      EXPIRED: Jun 19
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        Latest Editor's Notes

      • Mike Paddock
        Mike Paddock posted thisJun 19, 2014

        The graphics test software known as Crysis 3 dropped to five bucks today at GamersGate. That ties the all time low and is 75% off the usual $19.99 list price. As a shooter, it was only decent, but graphics = insane.

        Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

      • Mike Paddock
        Mike PaddockApr 03, 2014when the price was $4.99

        Crysis 3 the same price as footlong today at GameStop's PC download service Impulse Driven. Ties the lowest price ever we last saw in February. Normally a $20 purchase.

      • Mike Paddock
        Mike PaddockFeb 25, 2014when the price was $4.99

        The graphics testing software known as Crysis 3 is only five bucks today at GamersGate. Ties the all time low, and despite it a year old is still one of the most graphics intense games on the market.

      • Michael Tibi
        Michael TibiFeb 14, 2014when the price was $4.99

        At five bucks, is it worth trying out Crysis 3? Well-reviewed Sci-Fi shooter with 3.8/5 star rating on Amazon and 76/100 on Metacritic. Beats the previous best $8 price we saw a month ago. Usually goes for $20.

      • Mike Paddock
        Mike PaddockJan 08, 2014when the price was $7.99 with 1 coupon for $2.00 off

        GameFly's discount on Crysis 3 ends tomorrow at 10AM Pacific tomorrow. At $7.99 it's lowest ever by $1.61 - and $12 off the $20 list price... which actually the $20 list price is something that happened this week, last week everyone was reporting $29.99.

      • Mike Paddock
        Mike PaddockJan 06, 2014when the price was $7.99 with 1 coupon for $2.00 off

        Test your graphics card on the cheap. Today Crysis 3 hits the dirt cheap bargain bin at GameFly. Today they dropped the price to eight bucks after coupon and instant savings - a new low by $1.61. Though this released back in February 2013, it's still probaby the most graphics intense game on the market.

      EXPIRED: Crysis 2 Maximum Edition (PC Download)

      DRM: Origin
      Crysis 2 Maximum Edition (PC Download)
      list price:$29.99
      expiredJun 16
      EXPIRED: Jun 16
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          Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

        • Viet Do
          Viet DoJan 12, 2013when the price was $5.00

          Crysis 2's Maximum Edition is now at lowest ever price again, matching the previous offer on Steam (activates on Origin regardless). If you missed out on the Steam sale, here it is for the same price :D

        • ???
          ???Dec 16, 2012when the price was $4.99

          Yea, still 9.99 on steam WTF

        • 0c34b54027e60130e3d7003048de225c
          0c34b54027e60130e3d7003048de225cDec 15, 2012when the price was $4.99

          I'm still seeing it at 9.99 on Steam.

        • Daniel Brasher
          Daniel BrasherDec 15, 2012when the price was $4.99

          New low on Crysis 2 Maximum Edition by $5; in other words, twice as cheap as it was yesterday. Very well-reviewed.

        • Devin
          DevinDec 15, 2012when the price was $4.99

          This game is still $9.99 on Steam not $4.99

        • Chris
          ChrisOct 20, 2012when the price was $9.99

          Hey just to let you guys know mods dont work on the Maximum edition of Crysis 2 on Origin.

        • Viet Do
          Viet DoOct 22, 2012when the price was $9.99

          hmm ouch thanks for the notice. didn't realize that.. which is a shame since the engine is so awesome

        As a direct result to the alien invasion, the Manhattan virus spreads like wildfire, causing panic, civil unrest and social breakdown. With the assumptions that New York will once again experience squid-like alien invasion, Manhattan is placed under Martial Law, with CELL in command.

        While Crysis was released initially for PC only in November 2007, Crysis 2 was released in March 2011 for PC, PS3, and XBOX 360. 10 hours of single player mode as Alcatraz, successor to Nomad, players now wear the Nanosuit 2.0. Gamers prefer the look of the old and slimmer Nanosuit, compared to the chunky Nanosuit 2.0, but enjoys the multiple modes that the Nanosuit 2.0 offers. Binoculars have been upgraded for the Tactical Mode, increased sensory input to the cloaking device for the Stealth Mode, faster movements and stronger suit in Power Mode, and decreased agility in Armor Mode. In this game, the player can use multiple modes simultaneously.

        Crysis 2, according to critics, has perfect graphics, surpassing other games released this year. This game is now considered the best looking game in PS3 and the best FPS of its generation. Gameplay for both single player and multiplayer mode provide deep storyline and intense combat, which may take at least 10 hours for a gamer to finish. Replay Value = 10; Difficulty = Veteran

        More Options

        1. expiredJun 19, 2014
          Crysis Trilogy (PC Download)
        2. expiredJun 19, 2014
          Crysis 3 (PC Download)
        3. expiredJun 16, 2014
          Crysis 2 Maximum Edition (PC Download)

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