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Darksiders 2

EXPIRED: Darksiders (PC Download)

DRM: Steam
Darksiders (PC Download)
list price:$19.99
expiredMar 26
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      EXPIRED: Darksiders 2 (PC Download)

      DRM: Steam
      Darksiders 2 (PC Download)
      list price:$29.99
      expiredMar 26
      EXPIRED: Mar 26
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          Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

        • Viet Do
          Viet DoMay 12, 2012when the price was $34.96 with 1 coupon for $14.99 off

          Next month's release of Darksider 2 is on sale again at GMG, but this time even cheaper by another good 10%, taking a full 30% off retail price. Expires on the 16th.

        • Viet Do
          Viet DoMar 28, 2012when the price was $39.96 with 1 coupon for $9.99 off

          Upcoming release Darksiders 2 is now on sale at Green Man Gaming. No need to pay full price for this pre-order, with a big coupon taking 20% off the listed price. Coupon currently doesn't have a set expiration date but they usually don't last over a week.

        • TheGeneral
          TheGeneralMar 27, 2012when the price was $39.96 with 1 coupon for $9.99 off

          The description in this article is for the original Darksiders.

        EXPIRED: Darksiders Franchise Pack (PC Download)

        DRM: Steam
        Darksiders Franchise Pack (PC Download)
        list price:$59.99
        expiredMar 21
        EXPIRED: Mar 21
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        Darksiders Franchise Pack Inlcudes:
        • Darksiders™
        • Darksiders II
        • Darksiders II - Abyssal Forge
        • Darksiders II - Angel of Death
        • Darksiders II - Argul's Tomb
        • Darksiders II - Deadly Despair
        • Darksiders II - Death Rides
        • Darksiders II - Fletcher's Crow Hammer
        • Darksiders II - Mace Maximus
        • Darksiders II - Mortis Pack
        • Darksiders II - Rusanov's Axe
        • Darksiders II - Season Pass
        • Darksiders II - Shadow of Death
        • Darksiders II - The Demon Lord Belial
        • Darksiders II - Van Der Schmash Hammer

            Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

          • Michael Tibi
            Michael TibiMar 05, 2015when the price was $15.00

            Everything Darksiders packaged up for $15 today at GamersGate. Includes the original Darksiders, Darksiders II, and all Darksider II DLCs.

          • Viet Do
            Viet DoFeb 18, 2015when the price was $14.99

            Games Republic has a sale on the Darksiders series at 75% off. Grab I or II at $5 and $7.50 respectively, or get the entire franchise pack for $15. All Steam keys.

          • Mike Paddock
            Mike PaddockFeb 03, 2015when the price was $12.00 with 1 coupon for $2.99 off

            Darksider 1, Darksiders 2, and all the many Darksiders 2 DLC packs are only $12 after coupon today in GMG's sale. A solid 80% off the usual $60 MSRP.

          • Mike Paddock
            Mike PaddockJan 19, 2015when the price was $15.00

            Darksiders Franchise Pack is 75% off today at GamersGate. This bundle gets you Darksiders, Darksiders 2, and all the many Darksiders 2 DLC packs.

          • Mike Paddock
            Mike PaddockDec 18, 2014when the price was $9.00

            Everything Darksiders for only $9 today in GamersGate's Holiday sale. Pack includes Darksiders, Darksiders 2, and all Darksiders 2 DLC content including the Season Pass. Darksiders 2 alone is selling for $30 on Steam right now.

          War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, was implicated for causing the destruction of humanity. Stripped of his powers, he is set to go against Heaven and Hell to find his fellow Horsemen and clear his name.

          The Darksiders present impressive boss graphics and character animations with beautiful visual and audio effects. Progressive combo streaks and finishing moves are similar to games like God of War. Sans the hints, the puzzles and dungeons can be pretty challenging but the rewards are not as exciting.

          War's two-handed sword Chaoseater is his primary weapon. A revolver and a throwing blade as secondary weapons with unique combo styles will be obtained as the game progresses. Along the way, War also learns magic-based attacks called Wrath, thus the game subtitle Wrath of War. The environment is very interactive. People, cars, and debris can be picked up and used as weapons. Demon Growth on walls, as well as cables and horizontal poles, can be used to traverse through platforms.

          Although most PC gamers complain about the video options being non-existent, the game still receives 83 stars out of 100. Otherwise, this game is as great as Zelda and Devil May Cry.

          More Options

          1. expiredMar 26, 2015
            Darksiders (PC Download)
          2. expiredMar 26, 2015
            Darksiders 2 (PC Download)
          3. expiredMar 21, 2015
            Darksiders Franchise Pack (PC Download)

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