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Duke Nukem Forever

There are no current deals. The last update was Mar 20, 2015.
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Its... its going to come out now. It's going to be releaesd any day now.. the latest delay is just for giggles, right... RIGHT?

The lengedary vaporware was available for pre-order at Amazon, with $10 credit. One of the most elusive video game in history, Duke Nukem Forever (aka Duke Nukem Never) has been in development (on and off) since 1997.  Finally, after 14 years (half the writer's age) the game is now finally released.

A direct sequel to 3D Realm's 1996 Duke Nukem PC game, players can expect all the camp humor and chessy effects they'd come to expect from Duke Nukem.  The infamous capture the babe mode is apparently being re-worked slightly due to controversy and the game will be available in multiple platform, including PS3, Xbox 360 and of course, the PC.

Sporting a modded Unreal Engine 2.5, the game looks decent but it won't necessarily break any evolution in PC graphics (so don't be surprise if you feel that Crysis ONE is better looking). Current release date is June 14th 2011 for the North America market, and our international friends get 4 day head start on June 10th. Initial reviews since release are overall mixed and the game is generally viewed as "subpar" --- a real shame for those of us that have been waiting.

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