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EXPIRED: Energy RC-Micro 5 Pack Home Theater System

This deal expired Dec 24.
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Energy RC-Micro 5 Pack Home Theater System
list price:$399.99
expiredDec 24
shipping:Free shipping
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Note: This deal is for ONLY FIVE of the speakers in the RC-Micro set, so you'll need a subwoofer to complete the system. Notes below are for the system WITH the subwoofer, and the implication is this is a great system for the price. So add a decent subwoofer, tweak the crossover settings, and you should be good to go.

CNet reviewed the Energy RC-Micro and gave the 5.1 speaker system 4 stars. Here's a pretty relevant quote from the end of the review:

Summing up, Energy's RC-Micro 5.1 is simply one of the best-sounding, mini, packaged speaker systems we've heard to date. It's highly recommended for movies and music, and easily justifies its $1,000 price tag.'s not $1,000 now...

    Latest Editor's Notes

  • Daniel Brasher
    Daniel Brasher posted thisDec 21, 2012

    The popular well-reviewed Energy RC-Micro 5-speaker surround system just dropped to $100 - its lowest price ever by $30. CNet gave these speakers coupled with a subwoofer an Excellent rating. Just add sub and receiver and you're set.

    Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

  • Daniel Brasher
    Daniel BrasherOct 31, 2012when the price was $129.99

    These speakers plus a subwoofer used to cost $1,000 standard. And at that price point, major review sites said they were worth every penny. Since speaker technology doesn't generally change much on a yearly basis, this is an astoundingly good deal on these Energy RC-Micro speakers. This is the lowest we've seen them and $85 off the next best price. Add a receiver and sub and you're set. Deal expires tonight.

  • Michael
    MichaelJan 27, 2012when the price was $149.99 with 1 coupon for $250.00 off

    Note that this deal is only for the 5ch (not the .1 aka the subwoofer!) set. The CNET review is for the 5.1 system, and having to buy a separate sub makes this deal considerably less amazing (though still a good one)

  • Daniel Brasher
    Daniel BrasherJan 27, 2012when the price was $149.99 with 1 coupon for $250.00 off

    Very true...although in a way, I actually prefer this, since it's probably more important the main surround speakers be matched sound-wise. You do have to put thought into what sub to get, which is ultimately less convenient. But with the sub, this set was on sale for $200 more two months ago, leaving you mentally with around $200 to spend on a sub...which is enough for a sub that'll do these justice IMHO while leaving you flexibility to choose what best fits your listening style (perhaps smaller and enclosed for music, larger and ported for movies, etc.).

  • Daniel Brasher
    Daniel BrasherJan 26, 2012when the price was $149.99 with 1 coupon for $250.00 off

    Best price ever on this Energy surround system. These are the speakers I'd recommend to start a small (but good) surround system. Just add subwoofer. Read reviews of them anywhere. At this price, they're unbeatable IMHO.

  • Daniel Brasher
    Daniel BrasherDec 17, 2011when the price was $159.99 with 1 coupon for $240.00 off

    Lowest price ever on this RC-Micro 5 Pack. Pick your own subwoofer and you'll have a very stylin', compact surround system that'll sound even better than the price right now.

  • Daniel Brasher
    Daniel BrasherNov 14, 2011when the price was $349.99 with 1 coupon for $250.00 off

    Great deal on this Energy 5.1 speaker set. Right now they're $49 less than the next best price thanks to our $250 coupon. I personally own a pair of bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer made by Energy, and IMHO they produce fantastic sound for a really reasonable price even when they're not on sale. Check out the deal page for a CNet review quote, and if you're in the market, don't hesitate - the Newegg coupon expires tomorrow (11/15/11).

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