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Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition (PC Download)

Release Date: 02/07/12 - DRM: Steam
Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition (PC Download)
list price:$19.99
GameStop$9.99Jul 27, 2015
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      Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

    • Mike Paddock
      Mike PaddockAug 21, 2014when the price was $5.00

      Decent 75% discount on Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, now down to five bucks today in Uplay's PC gaming summer sale. While sold by Uplay, the game activates on Steam.

    • Mike Paddock
      Mike PaddockSep 19, 2013when the price was $8.48 with 1 coupon for $2.11 off

      Steam activated Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition drops to $8.48 after coupon at Green Man Gaming. A solid $11.50 off the $20 you'll pay elsewhere. The ultimate edition includes the base game and all extra New Vegas DLC.

    • Viet Do
      Viet DoAug 02, 2013when the price was $3.99 with 1 coupon for $1.00 off

      Stupid dirt cheap price on Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition. For only $4 you can add one of the best action RPG in recent years. Steam activate. QuakeCon special so the deal will expire come tomorrow morning at 10AM Pacific.

    • Viet Do
      Viet DoJul 14, 2013when the price was $4.99

      New lowest price on Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition (previous low was $7.95 so this is decisively cheaper). Comes with all DLC along with the GUn runners' Arsenal and Courier's Stash content.

    • Viet Do
      Viet DoMay 29, 2013when the price was $8.49

      Great deal at GamesRocket for the very excellent Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition. This is the lowest we've seen it at ($10 is the cheapest, $20 usual price). Comes with all the DLCs and extra content. Steam activated of course.

    EXPIRED: Fallout: New Vegas (PC Download)

    Release Date: 10/22/10 - DRM: Steam
    Fallout: New Vegas (PC Download)
    list price:$9.99
    total savings:$7.99
    coupon code:
    for $0.49 off
    Green Man Gaming$2.00 w/ Coupon
    expiredJul 22
    EXPIRED: Jul 22
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        Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

      • Viet Do
        Viet DoJul 18, 2015when the price was $2.00 with 1 coupon for $0.49 off

        Two bucks get you one of the best follow up to Fallout 3 yet with Fallout: New Vegas. Unfortunately the Ultimate Edition isn't on sale for whatever reason - but at $2 this is a great price.

      • Viet Do
        Viet DoJun 04, 2015when the price was $4.99

        Entire Fallout collection is on sale this weekend at Steam. To be honestly only the base edition of the games are worth getting - given the GOTY and Ultimate Editions has significantly been cheaper before (80%+ off). If you're itching to try Fallout 3 or New Vegas and couldn't wait, the $5 deals are OK - but just a week ago they were 75% off at GamersGate so we'd wait.

      • Mike Paddock
        Mike PaddockDec 29, 2014when the price was $2.00 with 1 coupon for $0.49 off

        Fallout: New Vegas at its all time low price of $2 after coupon at GMG. A 24 hour offer only.

      • Mike Paddock
        Mike PaddockOct 23, 2014when the price was $2.50

        Fallout: New Vegas Steam key cut down to $2.50 in GamersGates Fallout Weekend sale. Basically Steam Winter/Summer sale price points on the Fallout series.

      • Carlos garcia
        Carlos garciaNov 27, 2013when the price was $3.99 with 1 coupon for $1.00 off

        This is the GFWL version, not redeemable with steam

      • Mike Paddock
        Mike PaddockNov 27, 2013when the price was $3.99 with 1 coupon for $1.00 off

        You sure? GameFly is saying "This title installs and requires the Steam Client to play."

      The followup to 2008 Game of the Year Awardee, Fallout: New Vegas sold as much as 1.4M retail units on its first week in October 2010. The guys in Obsidian Entertainment surely got their bonuses early in Q4 of 2010 as it continued to sell like pancakes online. Most of the work were centered on eliminating bugs and reworking their tools to visually impress their gamers with the extra lights and flashy environment depicting Vegas strip.

      Compared to Fallout 3, a lot of new things were added to enhance gameplay. New animation to melee attacks, newer weapons modification UI, and a better view for third-party combat are some. The game is comparatively lengthier than Fallout 3, but can go longer of up to 80 hours of gameplay with the newer features. While the storyline revolves around "The Courier" pursuing the man who stole his package containing casino chips, the player gets into thrilling encounters with the tribes that survived after the apocalypse. Challenges in Fallout: New Vegas gives generous amount of experience points so it's easier to level up this time. Players can also destress their character by taking on mini games such as Roulette and Black Jack.

      Fallout: New Vegas is a far huge improvement from Fallout 3, in all aspects of RPG. Crafting plants to create meals and potions gives the player a new feel of involvement and experience. Although the usual glitches and slow load times weren't totally eliminated, if you liked Fallout 3, then you'll like this game better.

      More Options

      1. $9.99Jul 27, 2015
        Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition (PC Download)
      2. expiredJul 22, 2015
        Fallout: New Vegas (PC Download)

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