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After 6 push backs, Warner Bros officially sets FEAR 3's release date to June 21st this year. Although this is the case, most of the fans still patiently awaits its release and there are only very few presales orders that were cancelled. With the new multiplayer coop game modes, Fear 3 will offer a more thrilling experience and better gameplay.

The threequel no longer features Sergeant Morales and Becker. This time, players take on the FEAR squad as the genetically-altered Point Man and the cannibalistic brother Paxton Fettel, sons of Alma Wade. It is known from Fear 2 that Sergeant Becket was raped by Alma. With Sergeant Becket back in this game to kill their son, who will also possess paranormal powers, Alma Wade is set to protect her family and reunite their bloodline.

Fear 3 now has a multiplayer mode and developers call it Divergent Co-op. In this mode, Point Man can gun down a FEAR soldier while Paxton Fettel stuns or possesses him using telekinesis. Developers claim that this mode has forever changed the FEAR franchise gameplay. Multiplayer mode also features 4 coop games and one of them is called "F*cking Run", where 4 players run through waves of enemies. The game is over when a player dies.

Overall, FEAR 3 is still much anticipated even after delays in its release. There's not much improvement or change in the game, but a promise of a better gameplay and new coop game modes will hopefully get this game at the top of every gamer's list.

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