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GameStop 3DS XL Refurbished Sale

GameStop 3DS XL Refurbished Sale
list price:$139.99
GameStop$119.99Mar 26, 2016
shipping:Free store pickup
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    Latest Editor's Notes

  • Viet Do
    Viet Do posted thisMar 26, 2016

    GameStop is offloading a bunch of refurbished 3DS XL this weekend, everything from Black, Blue, Red... to special editions such as the Zelda Gold, Pokemon Red/Blue, Mario 2 edition, and lots more. Decent deal all around if you missed the Nintendo refurb deals from awhile back.

    GameStop PC Digital Spring Sale

    GameStop PC Digital Spring Sale
    GameStopLIVE NOWMar 12, 2016
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    Title Price Lowest? %Off Avg
    Call of Duty: Black Ops III $40.19 ($34.99) 33% $38.48
    Star Wars: Battlefront $29.99 Ties 50% $44.96
    Dragon Age: Inquisition - GOTY Edition $29.99 Yes 50% $38.19
    FIFA 16 $29.99 ($23.99) 50% $38.56
    NBA 2K16 $29.99 ($23.99) 50% $36.83
    Battlefield 4 + Premium $24.99 ($19.99) 50% $23.99
    Mordheim: City of the Damned $19.99 ($19.19) 50% $30.10
    RPG Maker VX Ace $17.49 ($13.99) 75% $39.34
    Crysis Trilogy $16.99 ($12.50) 66% $16.99
    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel $15.99 ($12.80) 60% $14.65
    Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth $13.19 ($10.00) 67% $20.34
    Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition $10.19 ($4.99) 66% $12.59
    Mass Effect Trilogy $10.19 ($7.50) 66% $10.09
    Borderlands 2: GOTY Edition $9.99 ($7.50) 75% $9.12
    Evolve $9.99 ($7.49) 50% $17.30
    Farming Simulator 15 $9.99 Yes 60% $17.02
    Styx: Master of Shadows $7.49 Yes 75% $7.49
    Sid Meier's Civilization V $7.49 ($3.37) 75% $15.56
    Cities XXL $7.49 Yes 75% $7.49
    Command and Conquer Ultimate Collection $6.79 ($3.90) 66% $5.59
    Dead Space 3 $6.79 ($3.90) 66% $6.79
    Of Orcs and Men $5.99 Yes 80% $5.99
    Risen 3: Titan Lords $4.99 Yes 75% $14.75
    Dungeon Siege 3 $4.49 ($2.40) 70% $4.49
    Cities XL Platinum $3.99 Yes 80% $3.99
    Contrast $3.74 ($2.88) 75% $3.74
    Battlestations: Pacific $2.69 ($1.68) 70% $3.90
    Wargame European Escalation $2.49 Yes 75% $N/A
    Conflict: Desert Storm $2.09 ($1.34) 70% $3.03
    Silverfall: Complete Collection $1.99 Yes 80% $4.83
    Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition $1.99 Ties 80% $7.23
    Gyromancer $1.79 Yes 70% $2.39
    Construction Machines 2014 $1.74 Yes 75% $5.32

      Latest Editor's Notes

    • Viet Do
      Viet Do posted thisMar 13, 2016

      GameStop is running another PC digital spring sale with lots of Focus Home Interactive published titles at new historic low, plus the now familiar Origin titles matching near previous low price. Check the deal post for price history price compare table.

      Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

    • Mike Paddock
      Mike PaddockMay 04, 2015

      GameStop's PC Gaming Spring Sale was suppose to end yesterday but still exists making offers like The Sims 4 at its lowest price ever. Not sure when they'll actually pull the plug on these deals but probably won't last much longer since we're a day past the original end date.

    • Mike Paddock
      Mike PaddockApr 20, 2015

      Cheapest Sid Meier's StarShips, Sims 4, and Battlefield 4 + Premium in GameStop's PC Digital Spring Sale. Dozens of PC Download games on sale, many of which are at their all time lows.

    GameStop is one of those retail locations you'd love to hate.  You can head to the store and get berated for not following their wacky pre-order methods (which was probably derived from ancient Cultist rituals).  Despite their many cons and kinks, GameStop is still one of the largest retailer dedicated to gaming in the US, so they'll often have some pretty decent pre-order bonus/specials.  This practice however is becoming more and more less exclusive as retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy get into the game of bonuses and discounts.  

    You'll find the occasional GameStop coupons and discount posted above on Dealzon's page, and we'll often cite the rather nice Buy X game and you'll get X amount of free game deals via Gamestop.  As any brick-and-mortar customers of theirs know, you can often find a good range of used or Buy 2-get-1-free offers at the local store fronts.  Personally, as long as they dont start pitching "extended warranties" for games they sell, GameStop can still be a decent place for large inventory of gaming goodness.

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    1. $119.99Mar 26, 2016
      GameStop 3DS XL Refurbished Sale
    2. LIVE NOWMar 12, 2016
      GameStop PC Digital Spring Sale
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