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A game that conveys the struggles of war through lengthy interactive scenes, Homefront feels like actual war in the West where people and military soldiers become hostages in base camps, cities become war zones, and gas prices skyrocket. The presentation looks like a war movie. Graphics are not as impressive as most FPS games, and the audio isn’t as appealing.

The single-player campaign storyline involves US and allies collaborating resources and weaponry to bring an end to the war against North Koreans. The plot being 5 years ahead of time, Homefront assumes unimaginable destruction due to massively powerful weapons and armaments. Multiplayer modes are more exciting as it allows players to earn points and exchange them for usable items like weapons, special equips, accessories, drones, and Humvees.

Overall this game is a hodgepodge of successful features from other FPS games and Homefront managed to blend them well. An overall score of 70 stars out of 100 is just as right, with notable feedbacks citing lack of climax to the storyline, short 4-hour campaign playtime.

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