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Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

There are no current deals. The last update was Sep 12, 2014.
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If you're tired of playing as Kane, this time you play most of this game as Lynch. You start off in Shanghai as a low profile scum working for a weapon smuggling organization led by Glazer. Glazer gets involved with an informant named Brady. Kane and Lynch accidentally kills Brady's girlfriend in an encounter. In retaliation, Brady's gang, backed up by corrupt government officials and police officers, declares war with Kane, Lynch, and Glazer.

With just a slight overall improvement from the previous series, the multiplayer coop feature provides more intense and immersive action gaming. Cut scenes look like unedited amateur videos and loading screens mimic online video buffering.

Online reviews show an average rating while gamer comments seem to show below average, noting that the story is just too short & the ending is even more disappointing. The only thing new about the game is that, unlike in the previous series, players cannot swap weapons between allies. Also in this game, players can get knocked down but can immediately get back up.

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