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EXPIRED: Mafia 2 (PC Download)

DRM: Steam
Mafia 2 (PC Download)
list price:$29.99
total savings:$23.62
coupon code:
for $1.13 off
NewEgg$6.37 w/ Coupon
expiredApr 17
price history:
  1. $7.492014-04-04T09:51:30-07:00
  2. $5.992014-02-25T10:25:29-08:00
  3. $4.582014-01-28T05:32:41-08:00
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      Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

    • Viet Do
      Viet DoDec 13, 2011when the price was $1.88

      Major price drop on Mafia 2 for the PC sold by Gametendo at Amazon. Usually around $8, now only $2. If you've never played this third-person sandbox shooter before, now would be a cheap price to try the game.

    EXPIRED: Mafia 2 Complete Pack (PC Download)

    DRM: Steam
    Mafia 2 Complete Pack (PC Download)
    list price:$52.96
    total savings:$42.36
    coupon code:
    for $2.64 off
    Green Man Gaming$10.60 w/ Coupon
    expiredApr 07
    EXPIRED: Apr 07
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    This pack includes:
    • Mafia II
    • Mafia II DLC: Joe's Adventure
    • Mafia II DLC: Renegade Pack
    • Mafia II DLC: Jimmy's Vendetta
    • Mafia II DLC: Greaser Pack
    • Vegas Pack
    • Warhero Pack

        Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

      • Viet Do
        Viet DoDec 19, 2013when the price was $10.60 with 1 coupon for $2.64 off

        If you enjoy a mobster-driven storyline, Mafia 2 is the game to get. The Complete Pack is on sale at GMG during their Winter Sale at up to 80% off.

      With more time driving than shooting, and great cut scenes despite linear story, this game still presents good twists to the plot. Mafia 2 is set in 1940-1950 in a Empire City. Players assume the role of Vito who tries to climb his way to his clan's rank. The open world, which seem to be too big with so few things to do, doesn't look polished and the overall graphics and animation of the characters can be greatly improved. On the other hand, the voice acting and audio effects suits the overall drama well, and the car radio tracklist are way too cool.

      There's not much to do in this game. Complete missions, do errands for bosses, and go to the next hideout for cutscenes. What's great about this game is your shooting and stealth abilities. You get discovered lurking around or eavesdropping, and you screw up your mission. Overall, this game received mixed reviews from both critics and gamers. Mafia 2 received 74 stars out of 100.

      More Options

      1. expiredApr 17, 2014
        Mafia 2 (PC Download)
      2. expiredApr 07, 2014
        Mafia 2 Complete Pack (PC Download)

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