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NASCAR The Game: Inside Line

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NASCAR The Game: 2011 is the first of its series published by Activision. The game is also the first NASCAR game to be released for Wii. It brings gaming realism to a new level and provides better driving experience than ever. A total of 16 players can compete in online races and win rewards. Sprint Cup Series has 23 race tracks, all of them featured in this game. There are more than 40 drivers to choose from, some of them from the Nationwide Series.

Catapulting cars, debris, and tire marks look realistic. Car customization is insanely extensive and car damage can be built up realistically too. The very detailed Pit Stop shows a crew changing tires and fueling the car. The AI makes the game more realistic as spotters suggest ideal car configuration, but AI drivers seem to do the same thing and lacks personalities. Also, players can earn NASCAR points to unlock rewards such as decal packs, car designs, special races, and career sponsorships.

Fans and critics say the career mode is a bit boring but the game is a good foundation for future iterations to the series. NASCAR The Game: 2011 got 62 stars out of 100, which may not be as bad for a first.

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