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EXPIRED: Powermat Home & Office Mat - Wireless Charging Base

This deal expired Sep 22.
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Powermat Home & Office Mat - Wireless Charging Base
list price:$99.99
expiredSep 22
shipping:Free shipping
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This Powermat wireless charging base was $100 for several months after its launch.

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      Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

    • Anonymous
      AnonymousFeb 09, 2010

      These are supposedly very inefficient. I would say that a free one is a lousy deal, since over a few years of use you are likely to pay dearly in electricity wasted by the inefficient transfer of power by this product. A neat idea, but I don't think it ever should have made it into production.

    • thoreau
      thoreauFeb 10, 2010

      Not to mention it typically costs $100 and then you need to buy a special case for each device. And if what anonymous says is true, which makes sense, the power inefficiency makes it a huge net negative. If devices are built to support this by default and they're no less efficient than current chargers, now we're talking.

    • millunair
      millunairFeb 10, 2010

      Define "inefficient"...I'd love to have this puppy because it seems so EFFICIENT to just drop my blackberry and ipod and camera on the mat and not have to mess with the plugs and wires every time.

    • Anonymous
      AnonymousFeb 10, 2010

      Thoreau- Solid (wired) connections will more efficiently transmit electricity than wireless. I don't know whether there are any good numbers out on the power loss associated with these. If I find it, I'll share. I'm also concerned about the health effects of ambient electromagnetic radiation from wireless charging technology, though I'm also unaware of any data on this. Millunair- I think that the wasted energy ($, carbon emissions, etc) trumps your time efficiency. I hope you agree. Otherwise I may need to run for office to impose my ideals on you. Perhaps you'd like to be the guinea pig on the health effects of ambient electromagnetic radiation from wireless chargers? All- What would really be more efficient - from multiple perspectives - would be the standardization of chargers. If they were more interchangeable it would eliminate the need for so many chargers, so many expensive replacements, so much waste, etc.. Supposedly the major cell phone manufacturers (with the exception of Apple) are moving in this direction. Hopefully other electronic projects with AC adaptors and/or chargers will also adopt standards. P.S. Yes, this is the same anonymous poster. I will create a profile when I get around to it.

    • peytonfarving
      peytonfarvingFeb 10, 2010

      Amen to the standardization of chargers! Is it the Mini USB that all the phone companies are going to? Or a new plug? And don't even get me started on Apple. With their reputation of making products and setting prices to make people always buy new devices instead of getting repairs, I'd be surprised if they're ever mentioned as a company leading the way on energy efficiency and sustainability.

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