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Prototype 2

Prototype Pack (PC Download)

DRM: Steam
Prototype Pack (PC Download)
list price:$69.97
Amazon$17.49Apr 22, 2014
price history:
  1. $29.992013-06-03T02:44:22-07:00
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      Prototype 2 (PC Download)

      DRM: Steam
      Prototype 2 (PC Download)
      list price:$39.99
      Amazon$10.00Apr 22, 2014
      price history:
      1. $15.992014-03-11T10:18:47-07:00
      2. $7.992013-12-11T10:43:01-08:00
      3. $10.882013-11-01T07:57:57-07:00
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          Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

        • Mike Paddock
          Mike PaddockMar 25, 2013when the price was $10.49

          Prototype 2 PC download drops to $10.49 at the German based download retailer GamesRocket. Lowest price we've ever seen by a buck. Nearly everywhere else you'll pay $40. Game activates on Steam.

        • Viet Do
          Viet DoOct 22, 2012when the price was $17.52

          One day sale on GamesRocket for Prototype 2 at GamesRocket. New lowest price we've seen at $17.52. Previous low was at $24.99 from GameFly. If you like the first installment of the game, you'll probably enjoy the 2nd installment. Steam account required. GamesRocket is based in Germany so transactions may be slightly hassled depending on how you pay.

        Prototype (PC Download)

        Prototype (PC Download)
        list price:$19.99
        Amazon$5.00Apr 22, 2014
        price history:
        1. $7.992014-03-11T10:18:21-07:00
        2. $3.992013-12-11T10:42:25-08:00
        3. $42013-11-01T07:57:47-07:00
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            Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

          • Note
            NoteNov 16, 2012when the price was $9.99

            Only available on the US. Even though the Steam codes are region-free, Amazon is too lazy to handle international laws so we get screwed over.

          • Yuna Wolowitz
            Yuna WolowitzNov 12, 2012when the price was $9.99

            Get these two games, PC download Steam Version, for only $10 at Amazon. You won't find this elsewhere so take advantage of this great deal. Includes Prototype, Prototype 2, and Prototype 2: Radnet DLC Pack. No Region Lock.

          Just like Alex Mercer in the 2009 prequel Prototype, James Heller can shapeshift and disguise as another person by consuming their identities and memories, in this April 2012 sequel Prototype 2. Follow his story as he goes on a journey to destroy the Blacklight virus, and to seek revenge on Alex, who is suspected to have invented the virus that killed James' family. This open-world, third person perspective action, adventure game is set in Manhattan after the events of Prototype. Prototype 2 will not have an online multiplayer feature, but will have tons of downloadable content.

          Check out the Prototype 2 Official Trailer below:

          More Options

          1. $17.49Apr 22, 2014
            Prototype Pack (PC Download)
          2. $10.00Apr 22, 2014
            Prototype 2 (PC Download)
          3. $5.00Apr 22, 2014
            Prototype (PC Download)

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