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EXPIRED: Samsung UN46C9000 46-inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED Ultra Slim HDTV

This deal expired Feb 25.
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46.0" Display - 1080p - 4 HDMI Ports - LED-LCD - 240Hz
Samsung UN46C9000 46-inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED Ultra Slim HDTV
list price:$2,999.99
total savings:$1,700
coupon code:
for $200 off
TigerDirect$1,299.99 w/ Coupon
expiredFeb 25
shipping:Free shipping
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Google Products reviews and reviews concur - the Samsung UN46C9000 would be a pretty impressive active shutter 3D TV even if it weren't a mind-blowing 0.31" thick. No complaints on picture quality, and it seems to do everything a modern TV should - well.

Check out Samsung's product page and especially its photo gallery to see its features and marvel at how thin it is. Noteworthy features include a touchscreen remote to maintain the futuristic, sleek aesthetic. Oh, and if you leave the room, you can watch live TV on the remote. Ridiculous.

      Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

    • Jeremy
      JeremyJan 29, 2012when the price was $1,399.97

      If the HDMI Ports, USB, etc are all on the swival stand, how do you use those when it's mounted on the wall? There are no HDMI ports, USB etc on the tV itself, correct? Thanks.

    • Daniel Brasher
      Daniel BrasherJan 31, 2012when the price was $1,399.97

      Great question, Jeremy. You're right - there aren't ports on the TV itself. Apparently you have to remove the "connection panel" (where all the ports are on the base) from the bottom of the base, then mount that connection panel to the back of the TV. Sounds like it's a fairly simple matter of just removing the base, removing the panel from the base once it's off, and screwing it to the back.

    • Daniel Brasher
      Daniel BrasherJan 23, 2012when the price was $1,399.97

      This isn't the cheapest you've ever been able to get the Samsung UN46C9000. The set by itself was $100 cheaper two weeks ago. But when you add in the 3D Blu-ray player and Shrek starter kit, you're looking at over $200 more merchandise. And assuming you'll actually want to watch 3D Blu-ray content and are starting from scratch, you'll end up buying a player and glasses anyway for more money separately. The reviews at TD are all positive on this super-thin set, and right now these items combined are _over $800_ less than the cheapest you can buy them all separately.

    • Absurd
      AbsurdDec 01, 2011when the price was $1,499.99 with 1 coupon for $500.00 off

      this is absolutely ridiculous. stop commenting on you own stuff..... just write it in the description or something. it looks absolutely pathetic when there are 3 comments on a deal like this and they're all from dealzon employees...... first & last time ever visiting your site. i will warn my friends as well.

    • Viet Do
      Viet DoDec 01, 2011when the price was $1,499.99 with 1 coupon for $500.00 off

      haha. its just poor design choice. these are "editor notes" not necessarily comments. they are "notes" during each price movement (as you can tell by price + timestamp next to them). sorry that this hurts your internet feelings :(

    • Daniel Brasher
      Daniel BrasherNov 26, 2011when the price was $1,499.99 with 1 coupon for $500.00 off

      Lowest price we've ever seen on this Samsung UN46C9000, and a whopping $699 off the next best price at Amazon thanks to our $500 monster coupon. (Do not worry - monster coupon will not hide in closet and pop out at night to scare you if you buy this TV.) Other retailers are selling for $3000+ right now. Oh. And this TV is 0.31 INCHES thick. And it has a touchscreen remote that you can WATCH TV ON if you leave the room with it. (Yo dawg, I heard you like TV, so...) Very sleek pre-Cyber Monday deal.

    • Daniel Brasher
      Daniel BrasherNov 02, 2011when the price was $1,539.99

      If you've ever wanted people to OOO and AHH at your TV, this Samsung UN46C9000 3D HDTV is the one you want. It's 0.31 inches thick. As in, less than a third of an inch. Thinner than the iPad 2. Except it has a 46-inch screen. And a touch-screen remote. And six 5-star and three 4-star reviews on Google Products, and apparently great picture quality. Chances are more people haven't reviewed it because it cost well over $2,000 just a year ago. Someone who recently bought one off eBay said, "The c9000 in my opinion is the best LED TV on this planet at this time." And you'll get the wireless dongle and super-slim wall mount thrown in for free right now, which saves you over $200.

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