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Test Drive Unlimited 2

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A racing video game released in February 2011 worldwide, Test Drive Unlimited 2 features some of the most dangerous streets of the world's most astounding places. Developed by Eden Games, TDU2 PC version was released with major bugs, but patches were immediately posted the following month.

In a game where almost everything can be customized, players need to earn money and experience points to level up by racing and completing challenges, making friends in clubs, discovering areas and wrecks, and collecting cars, clothing, and furniture. Set in the island of Ibiza and Oahu, SUVs for off-roading are added in list. Vehicles obtain cosmetic damages but these do not affect handling. Rainfall, however, affects cosmetic and handling. Also, vehicles now have headlight modes, turning signals, and working convertible roofs. Multiplayer mode allows 8 players to join a race and clubs can accommodate 32 players.

TDU2 is a fun game and can be exciting until the end, but the game just lacks the creativity. Convertible roofs are now working, but the wipers don’t work during a rainfall. Another thing is, Ibiza and Oahu are tourist destinations but there seem to be only white people in the game. Finally, this is a racing video game which claims everything is customizable, except for the cars. This game gets 70 stars out of 100.

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