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The Secret World (PC Download)

Release Date: 07/03/12
The Secret World (PC Download)
list price:$29.99
Origin$14.99Apr 17, 2014
expiresApr 23
price history:
  1. $9.992014-04-15T04:05:28-07:00
  2. $6.992014-01-02T03:18:19-08:00
  3. $9.992013-12-24T08:56:19-08:00
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    Latest Editor's Notes

  • Viet Do
    Viet Do posted thisApr 20, 2014

    IMO one of those underrated MMO of 2012. Now subscription fee. Pay for the game at $15 and play through at your own pace without worries of a monthly price. If you want a fantasy/magic-ish game based in a modern setting and if MMO is your game type of choice you might want to check this title out.

    Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

  • Michael Tibi
    Michael TibiJan 02, 2014when the price was $6.99

    Retail physical copy of The Secret World is only $7, and it's currently the cheapest ever price for the game. Next best price is $23 at Amazon.

  • Viet Do
    Viet DoJun 30, 2013when the price was $9.99

    Last year's MMO The Secret World should have really done a lot better - despite its fault, at $10 its a fairly solid MMO experience. Great deal if you missed the previous Origin sale from 7 months ago. Activates on Origin.

  • Mike Paddock
    Mike PaddockJan 23, 2013when the price was $10.00

    The modern-day MMO The Secret World ties it's previous best Black Friday price at Origin today for $10. Elsewhere $30. Unlike the World of Warcraft there's no monthly subscription to worry about.

  • 1d44b94030d80130e40b003048de225c
    1d44b94030d80130e40b003048de225cJan 01, 2013when the price was $21.00 with 1 coupon for $8.99 off

    $17.99 on Amazon

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