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Xbox Live Gold Deals & Coupons

Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Gold (Physical Card)

Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Gold (Physical Card)
list price:$59.99
eBay$34.50Nov 20, 2015
shipping:Free shipping
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Price History

Showing price history since Jun 8, 2012
The average price for this deal since released is $38.48. Lowest historic price was $29.99 on Jul 20, 2015.

    Latest Editor's Notes

  • Mike Paddock
    Mike Paddock posted thisNov 20, 2015

    Physical card of the Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Gold down to $34.50 on eBay Deals. A total of 10,000 cards being sold by Powerseller "neogames" for this price.

    Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

  • Viet Do
    Viet DoAug 17, 2015when the price was $35.99

    Can never go wrong with 12 months of Xbox Live for $36 vs. typical retail store price of $60 (seriously no one should be paying full price on this). Free ship as this is a physical card. Good as a gift of sort too.

  • Mike Paddock
    Mike PaddockAug 12, 2015when the price was $34.99 with 1 coupon for $10.00 off

    Need a year's worth of Xbox LIVE for cheap? Today a 12 month card dropped to $35 with free ship on Groupon.

  • Viet Do
    Viet DoJul 22, 2015when the price was $35.99

    Spot a game you like during this weekend's Deals with Gold? Grab this 12-month Xbox Live gold card for only $36. Typically over $45 when not on a steep sale.

  • Mike Paddock
    Mike PaddockJul 20, 2015when the price was $29.99 with 1 coupon for $10.00 off

    Need a cheap 1 year Xbox Live Gold Membership? Get this deal at Rakuten. First you'll need to get Visa Checkout and once you're signed up use it to pay at Rakuten with the VISASUMMER coupon at checkout. Only $29.99 - a very hard to find price.

  • Mike Paddock
    Mike PaddockJun 17, 2015when the price was $35.99

    Still alive and kickin' is this XLIVE 12 month Gold card for only $36. Free shipping in the continental US.

Buying an Xbox Live subscription is like committing yourself to 98% chance of raging while gaming online by 12 year-olds who'll often think you're the worst Xbox gaming player that's ever lived.  And here's the newsflash, if you're not the worst player that's ever grace the virtual plains of Xbox Live gaming, then these kids will be sure to let you know the truth.

Joking aside, Xbox Live subscription/points lets you rock out on some very popular multiplayer titles such as the ever popular Halo series and any CoD series.  The Xbox Live marketplace also allows you to purchase some pretty decent smaller titles from big studios to small independent developers alike.

Here’s what you need to about know about Xbox LIVE prices:

Don’t buy a 12-month subscription for more than $50. If you renew your Xbox LIVE subscription for the full $59.99 list price you’re getting ripped off. The product itself may be worth that much to most of us, but since there’s almost always an Xbox LIVE discount online why pay more than you have to? The trick is finding a discount, and that’s where Dealzon comes in.

A year’s subscription has been known to be as low as $34.99, but more often than there is an offer for around $45. If not Amazon is almost always $50 or less.

Themed Xbox LIVE cards are worthless, unless they come with some sort of specifically mentioned bonus... i.e. a bonus month of comes with a Halo 4 themed card.

A 3-month subscription is harder to find a discount on. Regularily they cost $24.99 but a good deal on one ranges anywhere between $15-$20 price range while a “hot deal” is in the $10-$15 range.

Physical Card vs. Online Code

When buying an Xbox LIVE subscription online you’ll often be faced with two options: physical card or online code. For the most part just just buy the cheaper option, BUT if both a physcial card and online code are identical in price, or time is of the essence, buy the online code. When an online code is bought you’ll receive it via email from the retailer - usually within 30 minutes. A physical card delivers via snail mail and takes a few days to arrive. When you receive the physical card the only valuable thing on it is the code that to be redeemed.

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  1. $34.50Nov 20, 2015
    Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Gold (Physical Card)

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