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Hot Deals for Gamers & Tech Enthusiasts

  1. XCOM 2: War of the Chosen (PC Download)

    $32.79at GamersGateList: $39.99(18% savings)

    • (editor notes)

      Missed the previous deals on XCOM 2: War of the Chosen expansion? The current best price from an authorized retailer would be GamersGate with its 18% off deal on the Steam key of the game. Given the game is releasing in less than a week - we don't expect any deep discount to occur unless interest in the game trends downward.

  2. Life Is Strange: Before The Storm (PC Download)

    $14.99at Green Man GamingList: $19.99(25% savings) expires Aug 27, 11am EDT

    • (editor notes)

      Releasing at the end of the month, GMG has Life is Strange: Before the Storm for only $15 at 25% off. One of the best indie adventure title in recent time, if you're a fan of the first installment this is an easy buy. While the game is no longer using Unreal Engine 3, so far it still looks well done in terms of graphics and atmosphere.

  3. Nintendo Switch Zelda Fan Bundle (Neon or Gray Joy-Con)

    $399.99at GameStop

    • (editor notes)

      GameStop once again has $399 Nintendo Switch Zelda bundle in stock. This time no silly accessories and just pure games. Included are Breath of Wild, the digital expansion, and a digital copy of Has-Been Heroes. Choose from Grey or Neon Joy-Con model. Ships September 1st.


    Lords of the Fallen - Game of the Year Edition (PC Download)

    $5.10at Green Man GamingList: $29.99(83% savings) expires Aug 25, 12pm EDT

    • (editor notes)

      It's not exactly a blockbuster seller but Lords of the Fallen strikes the chord for many gamers, particularly those who enjoy action RPG of the Souls nature. Predictably the game has as GOTY Edition which is now at a new low price of $5.10.

  5. Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom (PC Download)

    $16.19at GamersGateList: $29.99(46% savings) expires Aug 27, 7pm EDT

    • (editor notes)

      Gamers that enjoys action-RPG titles with Eastern flavor should check out Shiness: The Lighning Kingdom. Now at a new historic low price of only $16 and change during GamersGate's Focus Interactive Sale. While reviews are mostly positive in the 71% range, we think this is a good first installment for Enigami.

  6. GamersGate Sale: Focus Home Interactive

    UP TO 81% OFFat GamersGateexpires Aug 27, 7pm EDT

    • (editor notes)

      GamersGate is running a large Focus Home Interactive sale with loads of titles from said pubisher. Over a dozen titles are at historic new low prices, including Shiness The Lightning Kingdom, Space Hulk - Deathwing, and the excellent Styx: Shards of Darkness. Majority of titles are Steam key but take note that some are SecuROM so you might want to avoid.

  7. 1-Year Sam's Club Membership + $10 eGift Card + $28 Off Tailgate Meal Package

    $45.00at Sam's Clubexpires Sep 21

    • (editor notes)

      Sam's Club is once again offering their membership with a sign-up bonus incentives. This time you're getting $38 worth of value in the form of a $10 eGift Card and a $28 Tailgate Meal package.

  8. Logitech MK570 Keyboard and Mouse (Refurbished)

    $34.99at Daily StealsList: $99.99(65% savings)

    • (editor notes)

      Getting carpal tunnel or hurting wrists from your current keyboard/mouse setup? Swap them out for $35 with this refurb Logitech MK570 keyboard/mouse combo via Daily Steals today without coupons or rebates to handle.

  9. Sony Xperia X Compact 32GB Smartphone

    $214.99at B&H PhotoList: $399.99(46% savings)

    • (editor notes)

      Best price we've seen to date on this Sony Xperia X Compact smartphone by $15 at B&H Photo without coupons and rebates. Solid res cameras (23MP and 13MP, respectively), 1080p display, and quick charging capability.

  10. Acer ER320HQ 31.5-inch IPS LCD Monitor (Refurbished)

    $154.99at Acer StoreList: $199.99(23% savings)

    • (editor notes)

      Want a big screen to edit photos but don't want to pay half a grand for the 4K resolution that's often part and parcel of a big monitor these days? This refurb 31.5-inch Acer ER320HQ IPS display is down to $155 via Acer's eBay storefront. 1080p - you're not paying extra for pixels you don't want.

  11. ENDS SOON!

    Logitech Z906 5.1 500W THX Certified Speaker System

    $199.99at Best BuyList: $299.99(33% savings) expires TODAY!

    • (editor notes)

      Need a speaker system? You really can't go wrong with the popular Logitech Z906, now at a new low price of $199 for the 500W THX certified system. It's an oldie system that's been produced for eons (okay maybe just 6 years) but when not on sale, typically around $250.

  12. ENDS SOON!

    Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide (PC Download)

    $8.12at Green Man GamingList: $29.99(73% savings) expires Aug 25, 12pm EDT

    • (editor notes)

      If you want to improve your Civ:BE experience, Rising Tide appears to be a must and its now at historic low price of $8.12 for the Steam key at GMG's "Eclipse Sale" - which in hindsight sounded better on Monday than two days after the Great American Eclipse...

  13. ENDS SOON!

    F1 2017 Special Edition (PC Download)

    $45.89at Green Man GamingList: $59.99(24% savings) expires Aug 25, 11am EDT

    Use coupon

    • (editor notes)

      This Thursday's release of F1 2017 Special Edition is now only $45.89 at GMG thanks to an August stacking coupon code, slashing an extra 10% off the Steam copy of the PC game. If you've enjoyed Codemasters' previous installment, the 2017 edition looks to be solid addition.

  14. Hitachi Alpha LE32M4S9 32-inch Smart LED HDTV

    $129.99at WalmartList: $159.99(19% savings)

    • (editor notes)

      Hard to beat a $130 Smart TV, even if its main streaming service is just Netflix (no Hulu Plus or AIV). This Hitachi Alpha LE32M4S9 gets mixed reviews in large part for those missing standard services, but you can always add a $29 Chromecast to fill in the gaps.

  15. ENDS SOON!

    Vizio SB3830-D0 Soundbar System w/ Digital Amplifier

    $99.99at Best BuyList: $149.99(33% savings) expires TODAY!

    • (editor notes)

      Don't want even the hassle of finding a place for a wireless sub in your setup? This Vizio SB3830-D0 soundbar is down to $100 via Best Buy's eBay storefront, digs down to 60Hz (not super deep, but far better than integrated flatscreen speakers), and can blast up to 101 dB of room-filling volume for intense scenes.

  16. Acer XB281HK 28-inch 1ms 4K UHD Monitor (Refurbished)

    $411.99at Acer StoreList: $699.99(41% savings)

    • (editor notes)

      Solid price on this 28" Acer XB281HK 4K monitor via Acer's eBay storefront. If you're a gamer, you'll appreciate the 1ms response time, NVIDIA G-SYNC, ultra low motion blur, 100% sRGB coverage (and with a TN panel!), and a zero-frame bezel for easy multi-monitor setups that are about as immersive as it gets.

  17. NieR: Automata (PS4)

    $39.99at Best BuyList: $49.99(20% savings)

    • (editor notes)

      PS4 exclusive NieR Automata on sale for $10 off to $39.99. It's an excellent price point considering you can stack GCU to make it $31.99, a much more enticing price point.

  18. ENDS SOON!

    HP 17-ak013dx AMD A9-9420, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD (Open Box)

    $259.99at Best BuyList: $379.99(32% savings) expires TODAY!

    • (editor notes)

      Need a cheap laptop that'll handle multitasking and everyday use with ease? This HP 17-ak013dx features a Quad Core A9 processor and 4GB RAM - more than enough power and storage for most.

  19. ENDS SOON!

    SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB Flash Drive

    $29.99at Best BuyList: $119.99(75% savings) expires TODAY!

    • (editor notes)

      Need tons of storage for not a ton of money? This compact 128GB SanDisk Ultra Fit flash drive is $30 flat at Best Buy for today only.

  20. ENDS SOON!

    Insignia AA or AAA Alkaline Batteries (48 Pack)

    $6.99at Best BuyList: $14.99(53% savings) expires TODAY!

    • (editor notes)

      Today only Best Buy is hawking cheap batteries with free store pickup. Seven bucks gets you 48 AA or AAA's.

  21. ENDS SOON!

    HP Omen 870-224 Core i5-7400, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, GeForce GTX 1060 (Refurbished)

    $649.99at WootList: $999.99(35% savings) expires TODAY!

    • (editor notes)

      Gaming desktop shopping on a tight budget? This HP Omen 870 is one we'd highly recommend dropping to $649.99 at Woot. This is a today only deal $350 off the usual $1000 list price and $200 off what HP currently has this same machine "on sale" for at $850.

  22. >observer_ (PC Download)

    $22.49at Green Man GamingList: $29.99(25% savings)

    • (editor notes)

      Cyberpunk psychological horror >observer_ is slowly climbing the top hit charts. If you've tried their previous title Layers of Fear and enjoyed the game, you'll be right at home with >observer_. GMG has the current best offer at 23% off for $22.49.

  23. War Tech Fighters (PC Download)

    $11.47at Green Man GamingList: $14.99(23% savings)

    • (editor notes)

      Itching to try the early access action mech fighter War Tech Fighters? GMG now has the game in its catalog for 23% off at $11.47.

  24. Brink (PC Download)

    F2Pat Steam StoreList: $7.99(100% savings)

    • (editor notes)

      Brink is now a Free to Play game as Steam runs a Bethesda week sale (you'll find similar discount across platform on PSN and Xbox Live). While never a top seller, BRINK is fun enough for those who enjoy co-op FPS with parkour flavor.

  25. Asus TM-AC1900 Dual-Band Gigabit Router (Open Box)

    $54.99at TangaList: $169.99(68% savings)

    • (editor notes)

      Still available, popular Asus TM-AC1900 dual-band gigabit router is on tap for $54.99 from Tanga. If you prefer an even cheaper price, refurbish models are on sale for $47.99. One of the most popular routers on the market.