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  1. Resident Evil 7 (PC Download)

    $30.59at Green Man GamingList: $59.99(49% savings) expires Aug 04, 12pm EDT

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    • (editor notes)

      Resident Evil 7 returns to the $30 price range during GMG's Summer Sale. Now nearly 50% off, the well-received horror latest to the long-going franchise is new historic low price (off by just about a quarter). We doubt you'll see another big price until later this Fall.

  2. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY (PC Download)

    $3.40at Green Man GamingList: $19.99(83% savings) expires Aug 04, 12pm EDT

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    • (editor notes)

      Honestly at the sub-$4 price point Shadow of Mordor GOTY Edition should be an automatic purchase for a lot of PC gamers. If you somehow still don't have this title in your library, or you're new to PC gaming - then this is a must purchase.


    Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Digital Deluxe (PC / Mac Download)

    $39.84at GamersGateList: $79.99(50% savings) Jul 23, 7pm EDT

    • (editor notes)

      Last chance on 50% off Civilization VI Steam copy for both Deluxe and Standard Edition as deal ends this afternoon from GamersGate. if you missed the Steam Summer Sale, this beats their price by a large margin.

  4. Dead Rising (PC Download)

    $9.50at Green Man GamingList: $19.99(52% savings) expires Aug 04, 12pm EDT

    • (editor notes)

      New historic low price on the Dead Rising PC port. While Dead Rising 4 port (and the game itself) was massively disappointing, the original title is fairing well from fans of the series since its release last December. Steam key.

  5. Nights of Azure (PC Download)

    $19.94at Green Man GamingList: $29.99(34% savings) expires Aug 04, 11am EDT

    • (editor notes)

      Didn't pick up Nights of Azure during Steam's Summer Sale? The game is even cheaper now during GMG's equivalent (but often cheaper) sale. Rarely discounted given its a Koei Temco title, you can now pick the Steam key up at under $20.

  6. Lenovo Flex 4 14 80VD0008US Core i5-7200U Kaby Lake, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Radeon R5 M430

    $639.99at LenovoList: $739.99(14% savings) expires Jul 26

    • (editor notes)

      Fans of the Flex 4 shouldn't miss this deal. New low price of $640 and comes with Core i5 Kaby Lake, a 256GB solid disk drive (rare in this price range), plus an even more rare discrete GPU in a Radeon R5 M430. Yeah it won't be able to play high-end FPS titles, but you'll be able to do casual gaming with this multimedia laptop.

  7. Lenovo Ideapad 110-17 80VK000DUS Core i5-7200U, 6GB RAM, 1TB HDD

    $499.99at LenovoList: $529.99(6% savings) expires Jul 28

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    • (editor notes)

      17-inch desktop replacement laptop at affordable pricing ? The Lenovo Ideapad 110-17 is it. At $500 you'll get a latest Core i5 Kaby Lake processor, 6GB of RAM, and plenty of storage. New historic low price during Lenovo's July sale.

  8. Corsair STRAFE RGB MX Silent Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    $99.99at Best BuyList: $149.99(33% savings) expires Jul 29

    • (editor notes)

      Best Buy is running a great price on the Corsair Strafe RGB MX Silent mechanical gaming keyboard. Priced slightly higher than the regular Strafe, this model comes with RGB LED along with the MX silent switches. So quiet people won't believe you're rocking a mechanical keyboard.

  9. EVE Online: 1100 Plex (PC Download)

    $33.99at Green Man GamingList: $39.99(15% savings) expires Aug 04, 12pm EDT

    • (editor notes)

      Looking for cheap deals on EVE Plex? Thanks to GMG's 2017 Summer Sale, you can now pick up EVE Plex at a 15% off discount across the board. One of the best value is the 1100 Plex package which gets you about "32.36" Plex on the dollar. A good balance between spending too much money and too little. Valued at about two months worth of subscription, this gets you the most Plex for your buck vs the 2860 Plex pack.

  10. HP Pavilion 32-inch 1440p LED Monitor (Refurbished)

    $234.99at eBayList: $699.99(66% savings)

    • (editor notes)

      Can't afford the Omen 32 gaming monitor? The Pavilion 32 is the next best step in large monitor at affordable pricing. Refurb unit going for $234 at refurbforless. VA panel. 60Hz and 7ms. Perfect as an monitor for the office or work.

  11. AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Four-Core 3.5GHz Desktop Processor

    $160.65at JetList: $197.99(19% savings) expires Sep 01

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    • (editor notes)

      Best bang for your buck in the Ryzen 5 series is probably the 1500X in terms of performance for your money. It's been slightly cheaper, but if you missed the previous deal the current best price is at Jet after coupon. Free shipping.

  12. AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 8-Core 3.4 GHz (3.8 GHz Turbo) Socket AM4 95W Desktop Processor

    $289.99at JetList: $379.99(24% savings)

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    • (editor notes)

      Ryzen 7 1700X ties lowest ever price of $289 thanks to a stacking coupon at Jet plus instant savings. Sales tax limited to a number of states. Free shipping. Next best price online from legitimate large retailer is $300+.

  13. Green Man Gaming 2017 Summer Sale

    LIVE NOWat Green Man Gamingexpires Aug 04, 11am EDT

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    • (editor notes)

      Day two of GMG's giant Summer Sale brings new low priced Prey, Stellaris, and plenty more. Buy a flash sale item and you'll receive a free mystery game as an added bonus (plus additional coupons as added bonuses). Next round of deal shows up at 3PM Pacific and will include historic low price For Honor for the PC.

  14. Dishonored (PC Download)

    $2.37at Green Man GamingList: $9.99(76% savings) expires Aug 04, 1pm EDT

    • (editor notes)

      If you somehow don't own a copy of Dishonored in your Steam library, you can fix that mistake right now for only $2.37 - a ridiculously good price on a great game. New historic low price. Steam key. For those wanting a more complete experience, you can also wait for The Definitive Edition to drop below $7 (currently $9).

  15. The Evil Within (PC Download)

    $5.00at Green Man GamingList: $19.99(75% savings) expires Aug 04, 1pm EDT

    • (editor notes)

      There aren't too many $5 bargain that we'll highly recommend but The Evil Within is one such title. Now at a new historic low price in GMG's 2017 Summer Sale.

  16. Dishonored 2 (PC Download)

    $20.00at Green Man GamingList: $39.99(50% savings) expires Aug 04, 1pm EDT

    • (editor notes)

      Missed the $20 deal on Dishonored 2 during Steam Summer Sale? Budget or backlog didn't allow for it? No worries, the same deal is back again at GMG's giant Summer Sale. Steam key, instant delivery.

  17. Sceptre E195BV-SR 19-inch LED HDTV

    $69.99at WalmartList: $84.98(18% savings)

    • (editor notes)

      Need a bedroom or other small room set? This 19" Sceptre LED TV is only $70 and well-reviewed.

  18. Sennheiser HD 558 Headphones

    $69.98at Best BuyList: $149.98(53% savings)

    • (editor notes)

      New low by a penny on these Sennheiser HD 558 headphones at Best Buy. 95% recommended by owners who reviewed.

  19. LG 23MP57HQ-P 23-inch IPS LED Monitor

    $99.99at NewEggList: $129.99(23% savings) expires Jul 27

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    • (editor notes)

      If you're looking to edit photos or other color-sensitive media on a multi-monitor setup, choices like this thin-bezeled IPS panel display would be ideal. $100 after coupon's pretty hard to beat, too.

  20. Offworld Trading Company (PC Download)

    $7.20at Green Man GamingList: $19.99(64% savings) expires Aug 04, 12pm EDT

    • (editor notes)

      The economy centered title Offworld Trading Company dropped to $8 during the Steam Summer Sale, but now it's down to $7.20 in GMG's 2017 Summer Sale.

  21. Walmart Pre-Owned Game Sale

    $0.00at Walmart(18% savings)

    • (editor notes)

      From those giant batches of pre-order deals, to now a bunch of pre-owned games at super low prices, Walmart is going all-in on video game this summer. We're spotting super cheap stuff like $5 Battlefront and $19 FFXV for PS4, plus $13 Gears of War 4 for the Xbox One. Many titles are at historic low price. Click through to see full list and price history.

  22. Sharkk Beast Bluetooth Speaker with Subwoofer

    $59.99at Daily StealsList: $249.99(76% savings)

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    • (editor notes)

      New low by $20 on this Sharkk Beast Bluetooth speaker with built-in sub. Probably not as good as the hype, but almost certainly worth $60+...definitely worth a try if you want a little more bass for your dollar than the average Bluetooth brick.

  23. Final Fantasy XV (PS4 - Pre-owned)

    $19.20at WalmartList: $59.99(68% savings)

    • (editor notes)

      Hot price on Final Fantasy XV for the PS4, provided you're kosher with pre-owned copy and Walmart. Previous low was $32 so this is a BIG price cut that's easily accessible. Free store pickup or free ship if your order is over $35.

  24. Apple Magic Keyboard

    $69.00at AdoramaList: $99.00(30% savings) expires Jul 27
    $20 rebate instructions

    • (editor notes)

      Got a Mac mini or similar in need of a new keyboard? This Apple Magic Keyboard will take care of business for ~$20 less than we usually see it for after mail-in rebate. Standout compared to past keyboards...the battery's rechargeable.

  25. ENDS SOON!

    Tekken 7 (PC Download)

    $30.35at WinGameStoreList: $49.99(39% savings) expires Jul 24, 5pm EDT

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    • (editor notes)

      New historic low price on Tekken 7 PC port (Steam key) thanks to a Bandai Namco sale at WinGameStore. Plug in the 5% coupon for an extra discount, dropping the game to a n all new low of $30.35. Beats the price during Steam's Summer Sale back in June by a landslide.