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    The Gaming & Tech Deals Robot

    Dealzon aggregates all the great gaming and tech deals from across the web for gamers. The happy little robot is assisted by Viet, Mike, Daniel, and the hundreds of thousands of visitors to this site. Spot something wicked that Dealzon hasn't listed yet? Tip us here.


    Robot Talent Agent

    Viet handles marketing and content for Dealzon, making sure there is always one extra gig on the horizon for the hard working robot. Previously, he served as blog editor for two personal finance startups: (pre-acquisition by Intuit) and (pre-aquisition by MasterCard), where he led the launch of their blog and content strategy.


    Robot Programmer

    Brash teaches Dealzon to find and display deals as images and language instead of the zeroes and ones preferred by many robots. He doesn't hesitate to withhold robot treats when Dealzon proves uncooperative, and when he's not teaching Dealzon to twerk, he consults with Dock, Viet, and you - the loyal sitegoer - to decide what new and useful deal-related feature to implement.

    In his free time, he enjoy making music, drinking tasty brews, not overdosing on caffeine, and exploring.


    Robot Deal Master

    Michael Tibi hails from the Negros Islands in the Philippines and has been wrangling deals with Dealzon through the years. He whips the robot in shape and admonishes it sternly when better prices are found elsewhere. If there's a good tech or gaming deal somewhere out there, Michael will be one of the first to know.


    Robot Personal Trainer

    Mike Paddock, aka "Dock", is a native Wisconsinite where he attended college, studied history, and earned All-American status in Track and Field. Now Dock keeps Dealzon on track, feeding him data on various electronics finding strategies.

    Dealzon bot, I'm gonna need you to find me some more Laptop deals today. Then why don't you make a few more in the Gaming and HDTV categories? That'd be great, mmmkay?