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All the Best 4th of July 2016 HDTV Deals

Looking for a 4th of July sale on a HDTV? We've rounded some of the best HDTV for this holiday weekend. Come celebrate America by participating in some good old capitalism!

Retailers want you to buy an HDTV this weekend. It's evidenced by the various 4th of July sales going on this weekend each trying to draw you into their web of deals. Some are good, most are not. That's why we're here, to filter out the coffee, so you're not stuck with the grinds.

The elephant in the room is Best Buy. Their 4th of July Sale kicked into gear today with a new wave of HDTV deals. Chief among the discounts has to be a 55-inch Westinghouse 4K Smart TV for only $430 - it's almost unheard of to see a 55" 4K Smart TV under $500.

A surprising retailer to buy from this year is Adorama Camera. Not even on their own site are they offering good deals, but on their eBay store they have some impressive bargains like a the 48-inch Samsung UN48JS8500. This 4K SUHD released last year and is one of Samsung's flagship models rarely found under $950 now priced at $800 - a new low by $125.

Walmart is running a "Stars, Stripes, & Savings" sale which does not cover a huge range of HDTVs, but does have a few good stand out bargains - especially on generic brands. One that we'd be remiss not to mention is a 55-inch Sansui 1080p TV for only $299.99. Yes, that's a 55-inch big screen TV for only $300 shipped. If you can live without brand name recognition it's a good buy.

Editor's Pick



60-inch and up

50 - 55-inch

40 - 49-inch

32 - 39-inch

28-inch and under

As you can see from the list above, the best deals this 4th of July are in the 50 - 55-inch range. It use to be a huge price disparity between 50-inch HDTVs and 55-inch TVs. As the years have gone by the new price disparity is mostly between 55-inch TVs and 60-inch, making your best bang for the buck on 55-inch units. When you can buy a 55-inch 4K Smart TV for $430 and a 60-inch for $900 it's obvious which size is a better value.

Hopefully something on our list caught your eye. Let us know in the comments below if we missed any hot TV deals.

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  • Mike PaddockJul 01, 2016

    Looking to buy an HDTV this 4th of July Weekend? There are several sales going on around the net. Here's the best from each of the retailers. Our top pick includes a Samsung 4K HDTV for only $430, plus a giant 70-inch Vizio for only $900.

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