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Dealzon Crew Slaving Away (for you) on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

We're breaking all labor laws (woo USA! USA!) by slaving away the days before Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2011.

Personally I think online Black Friday deals (especially for electronics) are rather light this year, and except for certain big online-only retailers such as Amazon and Newegg, things probably won't pick up until "Cyber Monday" next week.

If things are anything like last year, we'll see some real traffic movement on Cyber Monday compared to Black Friday:

Of course, we're not too good at marketing ourselves sometimes (wait... isn't that my job?).

You can tell in the graph above that traffic really ramped up each week, as we got closer and closer to the big holiday shopping dates. We'll report back after November ends to see how comparable 2011 is to 2010, but all things thus far point to a bigger year of online shopping, recession be damned. (*emphatically pounds fist on table*)

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  • Viet DoNov 23, 2011

    We're celebrating Turkey day here at Dealzon by putting up the American flag (while filling the site up with terrible grammar and spelling) to ward off OSHA.

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