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E3 Games to Look Forward To (from Dealzon Editors)

As E3 comes to an end, you'll see multiple reports on the success (or lack thereof) for the popular gaming event of the year. While there's some very interesting titles being shown this year (Watch Dogs, Last of Us, ZombiU), we'll be taking a look at some of the games we're personally looking forward to on release date. Join Mike and Viet, Dealzon's resident gamers-who-should-be-working as chat about some upcoming titles.

Resident Evil 6

Release Date: November 20th, 2012 (Xbox, PS). PC to follow.

Mike: I had a ton of fun with Resident Evil 5 on my buddies Xbox 360. We had a blast playing through the co-op missions, first on Veteran than on the hardest Professional Mode. If Resident Evil 6 can give us the same scary/difficult zombie slaying experience i'm in.

After watching the trailer some it looks like a slightly more intense play style than the last game. Did I just see a Zombie snatch the player out from cover? Sweet.

Viet: The First Resident Evil game I played was back in the days on PS1, which at the time I did semi-enjoy its B movie feel. Although I'm never a fan of the franchise, I can see how RE 6 can be attracting to anyone that's a strong follower to the series. What with zombie craze coming around again, Resident Evil 6 should do well to move the franchise forward.


Star Wars 1313

Release Date: TBA

Mike: It's about time a good star wars game comes out, could it be Star Wars 1313? A "dark" and "mature" Star Wars game based on the Coruscant underworld. I smell potential. Does anyone remember Republic Commando?

Viet: Republic Commando is by far one of my favorite Star Wars games, while it wasn't the best game out there, it did a good job driving the storyline and putting gamers into the Star Wars universe. Even non-FPS fans should enjoy it as long as you enjoy SW enough. The sneak peek on SW 1313 seems "okay" with lots of events that appears to be scripted, but anything that gets us into more Star Wars lore I'm in favor of. I'm cautiously optimistic this wouldn't just be a duck-and-cover shooter ala Gears of Wars. If its more Republic Commando, I'm all for it.

Mike: Yeah, that's what I bet this game is (more Republic Commando than not), and I'm down. Short and sweet (only 3 levels) Republic Commando was a solid 1st person shooter which felt challenging at times because you couldn't cut through battle droids like butter as a Jedi would. Like Star Wars 1313 you have no force powers and the laws of physics apply (mostly) so if the story and environment meet a Republic Commando like challenge count me in.


Dragon Age 3

Release Date: TBA

Mike: Back in March we found out BioWare stopped production on Dragon Age II to move onto more Dragon Age opportunities. Now we know that means Dragon Age 3 and if you're a fan of the previous games there is reason to look forward to the new release.

Viet: You know, I've actually never finished DA: Origins, although I did pretty much got near towards the end. Somehow the game fizzled out for me, maybe it was the whiny Alistair or starting too many different characters and never finishing one of them. Its strange that the game came out nearly 3 years ago. Some people probably didn't even play the first installment in the franchise yet, so a refresh is probably in order.

Mike: In a nutshell Dragon Age Origins was a good RPG with the downside being very generic bad guys (darkspawn). Every decision you made in the game felt like the wrong choice... which actually made the game better because you wanted to play again to change course (only to find out the other decisions were only different and not better).

Viet: Yup. It was an overall good game with some cons here and there. You can tell they put a lot of production value into the game and there were definitely a few moments where I made some decisions that I wish I can reload a long forgotten save to change the course of action, so in that sense, the game had its moments. Now DA2 on the other hand...

Mike: Dragon Age II stepped it up with a better storyline and complicated bad guys but you only played in one city and the environments got repetitive. What can we expect from Dragon Age III?

If all goes well I'd imagine DA3 will combine all the strengths of the previous games and be rid of the weaknesses. Good story, solid game mechanics, and slightly more open world experience would be enough for me.

Viet: I'll have to disagree on DA2 being a better step up. I think the storyline was fine, it wasn't great, but at least it was one character only and focused. The gameplay however got really dumbed down, with generated dungeons all looking the same, and the supporting characters either annoying or unmemorable (except for Merill I suppose). The game was FAST however, and I got through it quickly without completely losing my interest, so I'm a bit mixed if thats a good or bad thing.

Now, if DA3 can figure out a pacing mix of DA2 + production value, carefully crafted world experience of DA1, then everything should be fine. If it won't be a great game, at least it will be a good conclusion to an otherwise well-selling franchise.

Mike: I was thinking the new game would take place in the Tevinter Imperium due to the expanded Qunari story line but rumor has it somewhere more "French"... which of course means the Kingdom of Orlais. Maybe the Darkspawn have made their way from neighboring Ferelden? Or perhaps there will be a horde of dragons unleashed and we can replay Skyrim (please no!).

Viet: At some point Dragons have to be in the game more, just to be a fitting name to the game title, but I personally would prefer the Kingdom of Orlais, at least there's some interesting personality there. Maybe more intrigue and spies in the mix? There's lots to do and it can easily be a good end to the series or make us all feel like we're cheated out of a proper trilogy.

Mike: Please don't mess it up Bioware.

Viet: As long as Alistair doesn't make another cameo and they don't pull a Mass Effect 3, I'll be a happy camper.

Is there a game you're looking forward? What do you think about our picks above? Leave your kind, gentle comments below.

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