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eBay Deals Review: Stitchway 1900 mAh UltraPower External Battery Charger for iPod, iPhone

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Starting this week, Dealzon will be testing out some of the gadgets and tech deals we find on daily eBay deals. Are they too cheap to be true? Or will they be dead on arrival? We'll find out together.

For this week, we're starting our first eBay Deals Review with the Stitchway UltraPower 1900 mAh Extended External battery Charger for the iPhone (and many other iOS devices). We picked it up last week for a cheap price of $5 from eBay. Its compatibility list is rather long, but it'll work on most iPhones, including the 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S. The 1900 mAh charger will also work on all iPod touch and all generations of iPod Nano.

The charger was shipped in a simple bubble-wrapped envelope and was delivered within 4 business days of order date. Pretty speedy, A++ will buy again.

There were no instructions included with the Stitchway UltraPower charger, but its usage is pretty self-explanatory:

  1. Plug the Stitchway Charger into the iOS device and it'll charge the device
  2. Plug the Stitchway Charger into the USB power charger and it'll charge the Stitchway
  3. Press the "battery indictor" button on the top right of the charger to reveal how much capacity is left
  4. The LED "full" indicator light lights when the charger is fully charged

The device works well enough. We plugged the device into a 2nd Generation iPod Touch and it charged without any issue. After about 2 hours, the iPod reveals a fully charged device and the Stitchway seemed to be 70% drained (as per its indicator light).

There is a good review and power charge breakdown from Amazon user "D2thewest" specifying the amount of charge an iPhone 4 received from the Stitchway iPhone/iPod charger after set intervals:

  • 15 mins = 11% iPhone charge
  • 20 mins = 14%
  • 31 mins = 22%
  • 48 mins = 33%
  • 59 mins = 40%
  • 70 mins = 48%
  • 95 mins = 65%
  • 119 mins = 79%
  • 125 mins = 79%
  • 151 mins = 79%

As usual, the last 20% will take a long time to charge as the iPhone's own software takes in less juice, prolonging the life of the battery in the iPhone (you'll often find this in newer iOS devices too, such as all generations of the iPad).

We also plugged the Stitchway into other iOS devices such as iPad (tried it on all iPad versions) and it resulted in a "Not charging" notice on the battery, but I'm fairly certain its SUSTAINING the iPad, although it may not be charging it. I've had similar experiences plugging the iPad into USB devices without proper software to give proper power to the iPad. In those cases, the iPad will show "Not charging" but battery life will be sustained even with intensive usage (e.g., Skype).

This device seems to work better with the iPod Touch vs. actual iPhones, given all the reviews we looked through online. We personally don't have an iPhone handy to test the device, but I bet we'd get results in line with reviews posted elsewhere. One thing to note though is this is a $5~$6 device, and to be honest it's a cheap, quick way to get emergency juice when you need it. We don't think it's a terrible gadget, but it certainly isn't a must-have accessory.

Win the Stitchway Charger!

Since we're done reviewing this eBay deal, we're happy to give it away. Giveaway ends on May 8th Tuesdays. Your odds of winning are significantly better than the lottery.

    Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

  • jahlauneOct 07, 2012

    when my ipod touch 5th generation goes empty it only provides a tint bit of power and I get a 20% remaining sign so far oh well

  • MarlimJul 04, 2012

    It does not work on my Iphone 4S. I leave It charging for about 3 hours, until reach maximum capacity, but when I plug It in the iDevice It does not recharge It, except for 5%, Which is the same of nothing. Remarking that I let It recharging while on stand by.

  • TJL1984May 02, 2012

    Good stuff :)

  • StringBoiMay 02, 2012

    Like this one

  • JuanMay 01, 2012

    Loss cool if I don't win might have to pick it up anyways

  • Viet DoMay 01, 2012

    Yeah honestly its only $5. We're so generous, giving away $5 worth of goodies. lol... o_O The next giveaway will either be the external Blu-ray drive worth $40 or the $20 earbuds we picked up. Keep your eyes open for those.

  • Viet DoApr 30, 2012

    Wondering if the Stitchway battery charger is a good deal at the cheap price of around $5 shipped? We took advantage of the eBay deal last week and snagged a unit. Here's the review.

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