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Five Reasons Skyrim Sucks... for a Casual Gamer

Think Skyrim is the best thing evarrr? Here's a mini-review from our "now-casual-gamer" editor Mike Paddock, months later.

Recent Update: For those that are fans of Skyrim, you'll know that while it probably takes eon to finish the game and storyline, there is a rich lore for the world of Skryim. Check out these cool "hidden details" albums from user OccupyTamriel on reddit (warning: spoilers!).

When I was young, I would spend days on end without interruption playing video games. Then I graduated and got a job (yay). I've been looking forward to playing Skryim since earlier this yaer, and while I was excited to finally get to play Skyrim (recalling the glory days of Morrowind and Oblivion) my general experience went something like this:

I finished work at five, and had an hour to play before I was expected to go out with friends. I turn on the game, load up, and check my quest log for what I did last time. I figure I have enough time to finish at least one quest on my plate: run from the central city of Whiterun to the Imperial controlled city of Solitude in order to enter the ranks of the Legion. No fighting, no endless gathering of supplies, and all I have to do is walk down a road for a while and I'll be at my destination.

Easy peasy.

On the road I found a bandit fort. There are unsuspecting travelers that could die due to this fort! (The bandits also shot at me). I must clear the fort of these scallywags and claim their booty to become rich once I reach Solitude! No worries. A quick distraction, and it only took me twenty minutes.

The fort had a big booty and I had to go back to Whiterun to sell items. And wait for the merchants to regain their very limited supply of money so I can sell more items. And wait. I'm rich, but my girlfriend is knocking at the door and I've accomplished absolutely nothing. This is the frustration of Skyrim for any adult: real life is finally taking precedence over digital adventures.

What did I accomplish in this session? Zero. Nothing. Nada.

The game has been out for 5 months so the honeymoon is over but every time my friends talk about Skyrim they still drool about their experience. I've read Metacritic and see all the rave reviews from the critics... I get a little dumbfounded. Maybe they have time to indulge in the intricacies and mechanics of the game but I have beefs.  There are 5 good reasons a casual gamer wouldn't like the game.

1) My biggest beef with Skyrim is as above: accomplishing nothing in a light gaming session. Wandering aimlessly fighting dragons, giants, and skeletons gets boring very quick. This game has some improvements over Oblivion but it's nothing different from Oblivion. The main quest was the same end of the world concept. I felt like I played that scenario in the last Elder Scrolls game, can I try something new... maybe a main quest with a little more depth. The civil war quest seemed like a better concept, why wasn't that the main quest?

2) Alchemy and smithing is worthless for the casual gamer. I want to play a fun game and these feel like work. Ingredients are hard to find and can get expensive, why bother?

3) Where is the mounted combat? Oblivion fans created a mod where you could fight from a horse. You're telling me Bethesda didn't have the resources to accomplish this? I expected this feature in Skyrim and was disappointed.

4) Architecture and town designs. The snow covered world mostly looks dark and gloomy but at times can be cool but the buildings just look like improved Oblivion designs and are not unique. Remember the cool looking Telvanni buildings and Silt Strider concepts in Morrowind. Where were the original ideas like that in Skyrim?

5) Never. Ending. Side. Quests. There are too many things to do in Skyrim. There are quests literally everywhere in this game. You would think this would be a great thing for a casual gamer but all the questing can take its toll.  Everyone has a problem and no initiative to solve it themselves, stupid NPCs. You actually have to work to avoid the quest givers in this game. I'll give you 50 gold if you clear out cave X. Oh, brother. Just set me on the path and let's call it a day.

Simply put, Skyrim has too many distractions to be easily playable from a casual experience. Despite all the rave reviews you can read online you don't need to love this game.

Agree? Disagree? Want to troll us? Our flame suit is on.

    Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

  • PurerayDec 06, 2013

    I am a Casual Core Newbie gamer so I like to point out for the morons who are just stating that this is the worst or best game ever without being on topic here about casual gaming. Like yes, there are those distrations from those caves and dungeons that keep you from wanting to complete the quest you wanted to finish before doing any personal matters, which is why you'll be having to constantly save for every little thing you do, it's quick, but still annoying. You may accomplish nothing since it is a game just ment to be played for the entertainment, I just don't bother killing the giants since there so slow, I may get tiresome facing dragons, but I do want there soul, and the skeleton enemies are repetitive like why can't some of them atleast be friendly? Nps do have issues, but I don't expect every game to be somewhat perfect. The crafting, I don't even bother with that, the enhancements yes, but for armor I can just find those everywhere, I'll just make the same thing over an over to level the skill to see if there is anything new I could make. Lastly this is my first Elder Scroll game (not counting ESO) so I wouldn't know about past architecture and town designs. In quick conclusion I must agree that this game isn't quite suited for the casual gamer it does have some puzzles but I have only noticed 3 of them (including Lockpicking), well I have only played for 45 hours so far, still going.

  • TrolololoDec 04, 2013

    Skyrim is the worst game ever created. So if every other elder scrolls game. Anyone who thinks otherwise has never played a quality game like call of duty

  • PlanNov 30, 2013

    I just got Skyrim on the Steam sale for dirt cheap. Glad I never paid full price for it. So this is a big budget, AAA-game, and the first sequence that's supposed to get you engrossed is some cart ride and interrupted execution that's essentially pulled out of Game of Thrones, but done with a hell of a lot less style. And then that's it, into the game world, with all this lore and exposition-heavy dialogue thrown at you with no reason to care. It's the same shit as every other fantasy series, recycled with new made-up names. Look, I can make up lore too -- the Great Wizard Kings of Tardanoth ruled the nation for ages until the return of the Dragons, when the Humanorcs and the Low Elves joined forces with the Dwarves of Minetardoth and the Catfaces of Doucherindel to find the Scrolls of Neckbeardia, which provide a spell that is the only way to defeat the Dragons of Warcraft/Rift/Game of Thrones/Tolkien/Terry Brooks/Eragon/Wheel of Time. OH SNAP. And the author of this blog post nailed it on the head, the game world is grim, with uninspired, generic buildings plopped randomly to make villages and settlements and cities. And instead of giving us a choice between demented Elf, three variations of humans and cat men, why not hire a voice artist for the protagonist so we feel like we're invested in the dialogue a la Mass Effect, rather than one-sided expository dialogue where the game drowns you in lore and the names of characters you'll forget in 30 seconds? So far, after five or six hours, this game does not look promising.

  • Julan TeiDec 04, 2013

    I'm never going to spend another open world RPG game like Skyrim again. I have been disappointed too many times about it... :( Sorry guys. Something about Skyrim puts me off there is a feeling there. But if you really are interested in it go watch the game plays on youtube. I can't stop you. Do what is best for you.

  • IHateStupidPeopleNov 10, 2013

    Some problems with the reason you don't like Skyrim. First, there IS mounted combat. Second, You don't have to do the side quests. Yes there are a TON of side quests but you don't have to do for people who like them they can enjoy themselves and for people like you who don't like them...well, you can enjoy yourself also. No need to bash the game because of side quests. And while you were bashing side quests you made it sound like they are all boring. This is not the case. Yes, some of it is just do this and you get some gold but MANY of the non-main quest missions are rich in story and have much more lore and story advancement other than just the main. "Simply put, Skyrim has too many distractions to be easily playable from a casual experience" It doesn't have to be a distraction. It's EASILY avoidable if you just want to play the main game. Not sure why all this hate on what's clearly the best RPG ever created which can cater to even the casual gamer. "Agree? Disagree? Want to troll us? Our flame suit is on." Honestly it seems as if you're the one trolling us.

  • IHateIdiotsNov 17, 2013

    It seems like you are the one trolling for attention than this guy who wrote the article. Keep up the good work by the way.

  • ACaeserNov 04, 2013

    The problem with Skyrim is that everything is dull. Nothing has character. All the NPCs are the same and the voice acting is very repetitive. The quests are nearly all the same and whilst the storyline is good, the mainquest is dry. However, most of the reasons presented in this article aren't all that bad. Ofcourse for the casual gamer the first point may be a little annoying but its the gamer's choice whether or not he/she is distracted. A casual gamer should realise that you either play a video game on the television screen or dive into a world full of twists and turns. You only get to see Skyrim's full potential when you break that barrier of gaming and reality than just following a set of instructions to progress in a game. So perhaps the big world is very distacrting but it keeps the game fresh for quite some time. Alchemy and smithing are probably the only part of the game that have kept my late game interesting. So yes if you are a casual gamer then I doubt you will get that far in the game in a few weeks. It might take a few months for smithing and alchemy to become interesting. Mounted combat is useless. Take it from someone who has played the legendary edition. You either flee on your horse or you fight to your full power. If its a weak enemy just ignore. Simple. If you desire mounted combat for novelty purposes then I suggest Skyrim legendary edition. The dull colours for me are an extension of the characterless world. I don't particularly like the look of any hold. Solitude and Riften are alright but the others are boring. The side quests do get pretty annoying. They are the same objectives over and over again. Personally, the only quests I found interesting were the Goldenglow Estate quest because of its theme and setting(Made you seem as if you were a professional thief going in unnoticed and avoiding the mercenaries), the conference quest where Ulfric and Tulius are brought to High Hrothgar to negotiate, the Forsworn quest and most of the Daedric quests. Its probably my biggest complaint after playing Oblvion. Overall Skyrim is a good game but requires time. It may offer alot to do but it is near impossible to replay unlike Oblivion.

  • Julan TeiNov 10, 2013

    The fact now is that I think it's an okay game, they probably worked very hard on it, even though it's an open world game it has a few bugs just like Grand Theft Auto V. But I swear that I judge by how professional a game is before its appearance. But the tutorial when you start Skyrim, I think it should've been way more thorough. And racism? I am against it, I like good citizens but I hate bad ones, I judge by their attitudes and thoughts.

  • TBOct 21, 2013

    Sounds like you feel this way mostly because you are a "casual" player but Elder Scrolls isn't intended for a casual 1 hour a week playtime. Set aside some time and you can delve into it. Okay, that being said, this is my #1 issue with Skyrim and Bethesda Softworks games in general, the glitches. I f***ing hate it. There are glitches like shop keepers not selling their stuff, mammoths floating in the air then falling to their deaths, freesing and loosing tons of progress, I just absolutely f***ing hate it. I can't bear these damn glitches anymore. That's why I am boycotting Bethesda now. Fuck Skyrim. 10/21/2013... The last day I will play this damn abomination of a game. The game has a ton of great things about it, but even w/o the glitches there are a lot of things I don't like. Like the lvl system. The more you play the harder it gets. Enemies get all kinds of armor buffs and some enemy mages can even one-hit-kill you. That stuff is frustrating. I always feel like I am busy in Skyrim and trying to get a part that is fun, which is rare. Having a house and a cool follower and some nice armor, those things are high points, but when it comes to all the stupid quests like "find 1 billion nirnroots" I am just sick of doing pointless boring tasks. *sigh* so yeah. I am over it. And the game is only 1 player, and the new one TES: Online, is still 1 player. It's an mmo, but I still can't invite friends over and play 4 player couch co op. But whatever I'm done with all this shit I'm just gonna go lay down and stare at the ceiling now.

  • Julan TeiOct 27, 2013

    I have been in the same boat as you figuratively. But when you have seen other open worlds like Granny Theft Auto V you can realize that bugs and glitches can happen in an open world. BUT. Is it really professional to change some diapers while going online just to fix a bug? Seems VERY VERY STUPID when you paid a really expensive game when you turn out it has annoying problems that make it not work. Seems more like work than enjoyment don't you think?

  • NoelOct 18, 2013

    Uhm, Skyrim does have mounted combat....And skyrim is snowy because the last few games were too sunny, they want to change the enviroment alot more,and the never ending side quests is an awsome thing because if you finish the game, you would still want to play more. And the achitecture is supposed to look aged and gloomy.

  • Mike PaddockDec 05, 2013

    I wrote the article in April, 2012. Mounted Combat came out in June 2012 with Skyrim patch 1.6.

  • OutlanderOct 02, 2013

    "The combat, the combat!!!" ELDER SCROLLS IS. NOT. GOD OF WAR!!!!! The combat is semi-sluggish because it's designed to be semi-REALISTIC! Elder Scrolls games are ALWAYS state of the art. Skyrim's graphics, when it first came out, taking into account the world depth and size, AND the game engine (do some homework), where beyond astonishing, beyond reproach. How then, can you complain about some glitches which you can actually enjoy and be entertained by 8 or 9 times out of ten?? It's a small price to pay for a world and environment like Skyrim. You guys just want it ALL don't you? With nothing in return? No concept of sacrifice, or humility. Gamers like you will rarely be satisfied, because nothing will ever be enough. You'll always find something wrong, something annoying, something bothersome. I don't know why you waste your time posting about a game you claim to hate so much. Have you nothing interesting to say about the stuff you enjoy?

  • Julan TeiOct 11, 2013

    Calm your boobs. Lol. You're just a fanboy of a fantasy action open world RPG. Nobody even wants to argue with the topic anymore. Because the game simply fails among other games.

  • NannersOct 17, 2013

    RPG's like Skyrim are an acquired taste, but you can't say that outlander is wrong. Skyrim has the biggest world and most intuitive engine of its time, and if you think you can argue against that, you're surely mistaken.

  • Julan TeiOct 27, 2013

    You were right about some things. And yes everyone is entitled to their opinions. But the RPG open world if you call it would have been good, as long as all sheeple realize how many mistakes occur in the game. Thank you for the reply. And now I am rubbing my scaly hands because they got sweaty and sneezed like a rabbit.

  • Julan TeiOct 01, 2013

    If you were looking at how everyone's races were based off of a civilization or culture then here (so you don't have to stereotype of beast races being Hispanic, humans for being black and white, and elves for being Asian: ((:8I) Argonian - Meso American. (Acts wild and happily after capturing somebody.) Breton - Briton. (Good evenin' milord!) Dark Elf - Southeast Asian. (They go by the sea as usual.) High Elf - Japanese. (Gaidan Shinji.) Imperial - Roman. (For the Empire!) Khajiit - Egyptian. (Sandy and desert environment.) Nord - Norse. (Yells gibberish in Viking accent.) Orc - Mongolian. (Asian and barbaric.) Redguard - Moore. (Like Mr.Krabs says: MOARR!!!) Wood Elf - Maori. (Cannibals and attached to nature!) cute! It's the baby! And if you thought that was annoying I understand.

  • Julan TeiOct 01, 2013

    Let's face it dudes. Skyrim is a plague to many, who hate it, it is annoying and a headache if you can't stand how dull and voided many of the features in Skyrim is. The glitches, lagging, font, interface, combat, may seem off if you can agree as it was a $60 game. Just look at how fast the other games were if you know what I mean. And I played Argonian. I mean I am horny, how come my horns don't pop out when I wear a helmet? That's ridiculous. Maybe a lot of people like it because of it's most well known theme... I find it awkward. Or it is simply open world and action RPG and has the "special" 10 races. The Elder Scrolls is known for basing their special 10 races off of cultures and civilizations. And I respect all of them equally, I just don't like the bad side of anyone. Other than that the game seemed like it needed much more fixing than it seems complete. But to be honest I am not trying to say that Skyrim sucks in any way.. All that I am saying is that it lacked a lot of things to make a real high quality game. You may find it obvious that I wasn't being the best critic. But you will find my point. I agree Skyrim needs a lot more fixing and is not the best game in the world. GTA V, you may still find a lot of problems as well. But why does it deserve 10 stars out of 10? Just because people like it...... If you are really tired of open world games then it would seem better to look at other genres of interest to you. I advise you to play Skyrim if you wish....... or get it another way and if you have a thought about it give it a review.. Thanks for viewing this feedback everybody.

  • OutlanderSep 25, 2013

    I just wanna summarize for everyone who has already commented. Just because you aren't smart enough to get something, and you suck EXTREEEEEEEMLY bad at something, doesn't minimize it's general value. When you become a mature adult, and shed the ignorant, self-absorbedskin of a half-wit infant, you'll understand. There are 6 billion other people out there. Let's do the math; That's 6 billion different opinions on any given subject. That leaves you at about... One tiny shit stain on the proverbial underwear that is our universe. In short, your opinion, unless insightful and constructive, isn't even worth the time spent to type it all out, or the time wasted reading it. So to everyone who feels their opinion dictates some sort of universal and constant truth... This world is going to chew you up and spit you out, because the only person who gives a fiddler's f$&k what YOU think, is you... This is Outlander, and THIS, is the reality of the situation. It's not wrong to dislike anything, but be a mature, rational human fucking being about it.

  • OutlanderSep 25, 2013

    It's the return of the Outlander. I've returned after a long hiatus to once again come to the defense of one of the best video games ever made. I must admit. It pisses me off when newbs start beaking off about Skyrim with irrelevant banter focusing around how they suck ass at the game, rather than why it's a bad game on any sort of factual basis. But, Elder Scrolls is a semi-difficult game in which players are required to make use of many different tools, and elements of play to strategize their approach to any given situation. Run in swinging,sneak up and neutralize descretely, hang back and pick 'em off, or maybe you're a technician, and you'd rather make yourself invisible and muted, or perhaps use magic to calm your foes, either allowing you to simply walk past what would otherwise be a conflict. This isn't your standardized, dumbed-down, stage-based hack 'n' slash button masher. It's understandable that some people will find this game frustrating, intimidating, boring, or just plain too hard. These games weren't made for Johnny B-Rad, the axial gamer with a mild level of intellect and strategem prowess. You can't just equip a decent sword & armour, then hope to slay giants and dragons with one hallowed swingle your blade. This isn't Baulder's Gate... It's not Diablo... It's a next-gen game for next level RPG fans. ES games come with an inherent level of commitement and understanding of depth and detail. Besides Fallout, you won't find more detailed, prestigious game worlds that offer SO MUCH FUCKING choice, personalization, exploration, learning and discovery. Bethesda is raising the bar, and simple minded "casual" gamers like you fail to see that completely, be use it's over your heads completely. For example, someone said this game sucks because they can't kill giants and they die too easily, all the time... Some advice, pip-squeak; Giants aren't hostile unless their territory is threatened... This means I you stand there staring at a Giant, he WILL attack. But if you keep going (until your level is a higher), you'll never have to taste a club sandwich. Secondly; use a bow....... Giants, although powerful, have a limited reach... *insert moment of enlightenment* If you expose your horse, and therefore yourself by getting it close with a sword, you might get hit, and therefore die. But if you use range... Ahhhh, yes pip-squeak, the Giant cannot hit you at all, provided you're good with a horse. Thirdly, avoid things you can't kill.... -_-this is becoming increasingly pathetic. This may be known as the day when common sense and reason has abomdoned the fickle ranks of men... Become a better scout. Don't charge blindly into the unknown. Carry not only a blade young Dragonborn, but also your senses, some vigilance if at all possible. But most importantly, LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES!! Enemies have consistent spawn areas... So familiarize yourself with them. Become THE HUNTER, not THE HUNTED.... Jesus Christ, folks... This isn't a low-brow masher RPG where your character is consistently god-like from start to finish, providing LITTLE challenge aside from initial boss encounters. Know what you're getting into, make an informed decision. No man ever went into war expecting a tea party. And no man ever played Pong expecting to be moved by the storyline... You people make us all look bad as a species.

  • MorisSep 19, 2013

    I completely agree. And nothing is more difficult than wanting to get a quest out of the way, only to find that it's too difficult with your current equipment/skill level/whatever it is. You'll die repeatedly and have to save the game every 5 feet throughout each dungeon. Dying is too far a risk for those who like collecting rarities, but constant saving makes the game seem boring and irksome. The only way the average player can defeat a giant is by horseback, so I basically just joust them to death. And fighting dragons can get really old when you need to do something important but the annoying little buggers won't quit, and kill a bunch of nice NPCs at that! Countless complications with the gameplay, vast world that you can wander (if a bear, sabertooth, troll, or spriggan doesn't kill you first), bandits a-plenty with no actual reason for being there... this game is a headache and I respect you for pointing it out!

  • IhateESOkidsSep 14, 2013

    Okay let's get this straight. This game lacks many things compared to many other open world or RPG games, worse than the majority of the rubbish that ES fan idiots eat on a daily bases. Is it the best game ever? No, like all games this game will not pertain to everyone. I've put countless hours into this game and have encountered glitches (especially getting stuck while having to use console commands) and at times $#@!ing poor physics. You would think with such an amazing game that they would have made more of an effort to take care of such problems. On the other hand what they're not selling you exactly what you're paying for, a bugged and purposely horrible edition to the Elder Scrolls saga. If you don't have time to fully immerse yourself into this game and plan on just playing the main story through as quickly as possible... then don't waste your money. Overall this is a really shitty game, 4 out of 10 stars.

  • AnonymousSep 04, 2013

    its better that there is much more quests it may be boring for you because you want to get it over with and i like long games so this is really nice i dont

  • whyyyyyyyAug 19, 2013

    I only thing I hate about Skyrim is the horrible combat. Today I was facing a mage who was pretty much naked and only had the iron flesh spell as armour and my attacks with a orc battle axe were doing little damage. I hope elder scrolls 6 goes pretty fucking deep for the combat or it will be another failure in some aspects.

  • IhateWOWkidsAug 19, 2013

    Ok, let's get this straight. This is an awesome game, better than the majority of the rubbish that they force feed you idiots on a daily basis. Is it lacking for some audiences? Yes, like all games this game will not pertain to everyone. I've put countless hrs into this game and have encountered bugs (not the kind you get to chop in half with your sword) and at times piss poor physics. You would think with such an amazing game that they would have made more of an effort to take care of such problems. On the other hand what they're selling you is exactly what you're paying for, another edition to the Elder Scrolls saga. If you don't have time to fully immerse yourself into this game and plan on just playing the main story through as quickly as possible... then don't waste your money. Overall this is a really good game, 4.5 out of 5 stars.

  • AnonymousAug 17, 2013

    Skyrim is SO overrated. I think oblivion is more fun

  • AnonymousAug 13, 2013

    You completely summed up my experience with this game. I still think about playing it because I had fun when I did, but its never ending. I was able to accomplish nothing without an afternoon to spend on it. I never have an afternoon to devote to a video game anymore.

  • AnonymousAug 09, 2013

    Skyrim combat is horribly underwhelming, Main storyline is terribly short, Alduin is perhaps the weakest boss monster I've ever faced, and there are far too many random dragon encounters. The only thing I felt was done right was the open world design and its graphics. Dark Souls is far better and so Is Dragons Dogma Combat wise.

  • BillyNov 25, 2013

    You obviously never played on the harder difficulties you idiot, the main story is actually pretty long, much longer than most stories even by rpg standards, not only that there are many other storylines included in the game so i dont know why you are complaing. Play the game properly before critasizing it.

  • 💩FaceAug 09, 2013

    Actually I like skyrim it's nice,if you have nothing to do.

  • SofaKingCleverAug 08, 2013

    My roommate plays this game constantly. It's become a running joke in our crew. We're actually starting to worry about him. From what I can tell, this game is about buying real estate and talking to boring people and possibly some kind of home shopping network.

  • StuartAug 04, 2013

    The Skyrim combat is just not as fun as oblivion's. The interface is clunky switching between spells & sword play and there is no custom magic spells. Plus, the actual battles are quick. you either win quickly or die quickly. No extended battles. In oblivion, if you were outmatched, it was fun to evade the enemy. Same element is missing from Skyrim. Plus, the game doesn't scale well... the games goes from being hard to easy about 1/2 through. The main story is short and sucks. All the elements that are cool in games like graphics and the visuals are great... but the game itself sucks. Bad combat, bad main quest, bad game plan throughout. The dragons are cool, but even those become tedious.

  • GurubAug 03, 2013

    Without the genius of Jeremey Soule all Elder Scroll games would have been so typical. Think about that guys.

  • ChequardokiJul 31, 2013

    Elder Scrolls is nowhere near as awesome as Wacraft in my opinion. Warcraft is even having their own movie, they already had their own MMO, something I kind of disliked. This will obviously be off topic. Si. But you will see. The Dark Messiah of Might and Magic has a much more superior combat system, interaction with the environment, and orcs are part of what makes make it the bomb. Warcraft is a few steps above Elder Scrolls. They are getting their own movie. Blizzard made their own WoW MMOs. And they made memorable games like Warcraft 1, Warcraft 2, and Warcraft 3. And Starcraft and Starcraft 2. But what really makes the Elder Scrolls a different game is that it is an open world RPG. So that you won't be as bored. But at least Warcraft III has its own World Editor if you know. That's all it for now. Thank you guys for noticing this. And watch the Worgen vs. the Khajiit. Or better yet the Orcs vs. the Humans.

  • AnonymousJul 30, 2013

    Seriously, this guy complains for Skyrim having too many things to do? So apparently if you could complete it in 2 days it would be better, according to this guy's logic.

  • AnonymousJul 28, 2013

    The only reason I hate skyrim, is because on Xbox I have all the dlcs and on loading screens just stop and I have to keep restarting. Other than that, skyrim is one of my favorite games.

  • AnonymousJul 26, 2013

    IIt took me 70 hours to get to lvl 54 and after that you cant really do anything with it... I'm 13 and this game is easy as hell. You can tell It's boring by the loading screens. Black with white mist and an item they expect you to look at for 30sec? The combat really sucks and is very repetitive on questing. Only unique quest I found was when a dog started talking to me and even when it sent me into another damn cave! Maybe they will fill up the giant world they created with things to do. Whole land of skyrim looks like the north pole.

  • Skyrim sucksJul 26, 2013

    Skyrim is serious crap. The idea of games is to entertain people. Playing this crap makes me bored, not entertained. This game is just copying tons of other games, completely original. Theres nothing unique about it at all.

  • AnonymousJul 25, 2013

    you can accomplish things if you actually play the game enough so that its worth the 30 bucks you spent on it, alchemy and smithing give you some of the best items in the game (dragonscale armor, dragon bone swords, etc.), there is mounted combat, and not all the side quests are important except for the daedric quests and ones that give you good stuff and money. skyrim is for pros, unlike you sir, and adults can play it just fine. (if they're retired at least) actually think about what your saying before you make the decision skyrim sucks.

  • SkyWhim IS AWESOME! YOU'RE NOT! HAHA!Jul 21, 2013

    Same obvious story. Fight evil be good. Want to act like a puppet for the same old good vs. evil fantasy concept? That's what the main quest is about. Kill a dragon save the world. Kill Miraak save the world. Killing is all what Skyrim is about. Why are we the dovahkiin when there's suppose to only be one in Skyrim, not multiple? Haha. Smithing is possible. But can't items get damaged? So you can fix them? Bethesda is normal. Weapons, shields do get damaged and need to be fixed in the other games like Morrowing! You freaking need DLC's for mounted combat. Fighting on horse, etc. Bethesda is cool! Also using bows and shooting Reikling spears is the most smartest weapon idea ever invented. That is pretty good! Everything looks original in SkyWhim! Bears, castles, dragons, wolves, mammoths, bandits, trolls, and giants! WOW! Fantasy! Awesome! Amazing! Graphics look so amazing! They don't bore and annoy you either! NPC's know nothing. They just follow you like a robot if you tell them to follow you.

  • AnonymousJul 18, 2013

    Hah you are right serigo this nerd dose not read! Bethesda did not create a single fan made mod fans did! The quests are fun, who cares if the acritecture is identical.Alchemy makes potions and lethal poisens.Slaying stuff is fun.You can do what ever in this game! Your title is more logical serigo....

  • thingJul 14, 2013

    U are completely wrong I say respecting all your comments. I see ur point but I have a different viewpoint. I do agree that there are lots of distractions and that is annoying. I still think it is an amazing game especially with all the dlcs.

  • hieoJul 06, 2013

    Yes. Later on... testicles, one, two, three. This is my last comment. Lol. I would say Skyrim is okay. But the fan boys are what worries me though. I would make fun of the Elder Holes Online though because the combat looks a lot like a cheesier version of Wizard 101. At least WoW or Blizzard does a better job, and still cooler then Bethesda.

  • ioyoiyJul 02, 2013

    I am the one who said it was okay in the last three comments. But I have to tell you. Skyrim and Bethesda and Elder Scrolls Online are all bull crap. Shame they released the stupid game called Skyrim which was bugged in the first place. I wouldnt give a damn if games seem to be a whole lot better then Elder Moles. Or Elder Balls. Warcraft is better, because it is way cooler.

  • IzzyAge11Jul 01, 2013

    So true. It took me like a year to make it to level 30. If that's the fact I'm only an 11 year old. Anyways. It's fun messing around and stealing crap. But those quests are on-going! I've never played Oblivion or Morrowind, but Bestheda have changed them up. It has better graphics(As in sharpness and the feature faces.) All the places look the same!!

  • SimulatedLifeJun 25, 2013

    Honestly though, people just put Skyrim on a pedestal, since morrowind and oblvion were great games, then when ever anyone griped about it, the mentality was "If you don't like Skyrim, you probably like dicks and playing call of duty.", which is a terrible way for a fan base to push the game down would-be-fans' throats. In all honesty, it's an O.K. game, but it stops there. There's nothing game changing in the Elder Scrolls title, the same thing Beth has been dishing out for awhile. That's why when I play other action RPGs, Dragon's Dogma, KoA:Reckoning, what have you; I just enjoy them too much, because Skyrim just left a sour taste in my mouth as a gamer. I only logged upwards of 200+ hours, but that's more than enough to have a valid point: I get bored even just thinking about taking Skyrim out of it's box and playing it; I don't even have to actually do it. The article is 100% correct, the amount of side quest take you from a hero to a maid four hours in. "My X got lost in Y, measly sum of gold if you finish!" And another thing that just digs under my skin (After playing games like KoA and Dragon's Dogma) is the character design and build up. The system works, but the freedom to do whatever you want with your character really does begin to take a toll 50 hours into the game. You're left with 2 options in Skyrim: A jack of all trades which isn't fun because you steamroll everything (Not that it is hard anyways) or creating 30 other characters because you've grown bored of the one you're playing and want to try something new (This was my route after hitting level 45ish. Where as in Dragon's Dogma, for instance, your classes are predefined, but you can change almost anywhere and you don't lose any progress in the other classes. This means I can play the same character for hours upon hours and not have to spend time creating a new one for build "x". Magic (a minor game design flaw, but you know what I mean), there is absolutely no scaling for magic, you won't notice until about level 20-30, but oh my goodness is it gimped. Melee characters can choose to just improve their blacksmithing and have swords that do just as much as a full upgraded fireball in terms of damage and then enchant it for even more damage. Where as a mage character doesn't really receive any help after he's put all three points into his spell mastery, that's all they get, I would even be forgiving if enchanting gave a reason it should be in the mage tree, like being able to enchant staves with +x% y damage. Don't get me started on those lame-ass Master Destruction spells I spent about an hour deciphering that stupid ass book for. They don't even serve a purpose, that was the biggest slap in my face in all my time playing TES. The enemy AI is completely dry and tasteless, bandits, bears, and bees alike throw themselves at your sword, just begging to be cut down. How is it that you're the only person in Skyrim with any training in melee or commonsense. One out of every twenty bandits is wearing iron, who exactly are they robbing? Beggars? I might even forgive if there was a difference between a bandit CAMP and a bandit FORT/City. Camps being low to medium training and equipment and forts being well trained and well equipt, with a better and stronger leader. Aside from Bandits being the worst enemies in the game, the beastiary is really lacking, most of it is based on what you would find here, on Earth, and little from a fantasy realm. Oooooh another bear?! *holds sword out in front of self and walks forward* The weapons themselves are generally sour too, what happened to Morrowind's weapons? Spears and crossbows (Yes they are in dawnguard, but they still lack any flavor at all.) were amazing, even the directional attacks were fun! Spears + Horse combat? Everyone's face and voice only differs from male to female, which is weird, didn't Big Beth hire80, or was it 800, voice actors for this game? Either they all sound exactly the same, or we've been force fed that lie. More tied in with the weapons and magic sections, combat is dull, you literally just block and slash through everything, nothing unique is ever required from you, not that you counter an attack, parry, dodge, or anything else really. I know I've really beaten and battered Skyrim in this, but it really is an O.K. game. I'm not saying that these other games I've compared it to aren't without their faults, but honestly, their pros outweigh their cons, which I don't feel the same about Skyrim. I could list the pros of Skyrim too, but you don't need me to type those out, nor do I have the will or time to do it...Dinner is draws ever nearer.

  • gdJun 16, 2013

    I used to love it, then I hated it. But now I just think it is okay. They got bretons, high elves, dark elves, wood elves, khajiits, imperials, nords, redguards, orcs, and argonians that's why. But I really hate it when they add racialism or racism to the game.

  • AnonymousAug 11, 2013

    Every TES game (don't know about Arena and Daggerfall) had every race. -_-

  • SInxJun 12, 2013

    "Simply put, Skyrim has too many distractions to be easily playable from a casual experience" teh hell good that they put that u dont want to be weak on main quest then again skyrim became to dam easy i was rushing it on master i beat it (not telling time) lv 20 final lv of complete but ya the side quest thing is not really a good reason but hey its ur opinion but i am saying its not becuz beside me getting off it and on it I look at it i dont really know the time the main quest take but all i really know that i was short i mean really short then the other elder scroll to me it was felt like it at least like i said ur opinion i wont change that from you i hate when people try to do that dont take this as a fanboy hate comment really not a fan of much of skyrim tho i will tell you it is sometimes really fun tho dull half the time if will from i heard "Not Playing it Right".

  • rggrreJun 02, 2013

    Skyrim theme sucks! It sounds so old. So does all the elder scrolls games in freaking general. They are all so damn boring! Also angry fan boys are also the other reason why I am hating this game so much. I'd much rather play Warcraft. I MEAN. Really? Cats are gypsies. That's racist, and retarded. Plus I don't really like cats so much at all.

  • grizzweedMay 25, 2013

    your not missing much skyrim is full of glitches witch make the game unpayable bethesda did a bab job on skyrim it broke me up bad

  • trrttJun 02, 2013

    Yeah. They were too lazy to fix there stupid game, which is in fact why I NEVER buy them. I downloaded and found out about these problems. The game and there songs all blow, they suck, and I HATE them.

  • SergioMay 16, 2013

    You should change this to Why Being an Adult Sucks. Your points are not valid at all. This game is one that take time to get into, not your usual "Call of Duty" type of game. This game literally has many storyline quests, which a few brought tears to my eyes. Horse combat? There is such a thing. Not a horse vs horse, but you can be mounted and attack people. That's called mounted fighting. Smithing? Useless? You're very mistaken. You can create almost all the armor in the game, two of them being very unique and VERY powerful. I haven't got into the touch of alchemy yet, but I bet there are reasons for it. One on the top of my tongue would be, I don't know... HEALTH POTION? Very vital for playing this game, depending on your difficulty. Too many side quests? That's the point... They put a lot into this game, and it keeps us going so we don't get bored after just a few hours (like I do with many shooter games). These quests aren't dull either, a lot of them are very thought out and very interesting. So like I said above, your "blog" makes no sense. Five small reasons about a game, that you view probably because you don't find the time to actually appreciate this game, does not make it bad, which I have proven all five to be rejected as bad reasons. Getting tired of the stupidity of the world...

  • SInxJun 12, 2013

    Well no some of them are not like the horse one? that was bulls**t WHY? WHY NOT ADD IT? also the side quest gald they had that give u more stuff to do then again they are basicy just the same thing over and over and the gold system i think they were a little bad on it gold for me was hard to find

  • BigbadbriMay 07, 2013

    If you have ADHD this isn't for you. It's a 300 hour epic. If you played an hour a night it would take you 10 months to get through it. 10 months for 60 bucks is a good video game deal. If you need the immeadiate gratification of a 10 minute quest instead of slowly nurturing a game meant to show off its grandure go play a team death match they didn't spend years with teams of designers on it to ave you run through it in 10 hours so take your adderal develop some patience and enjoy the aesthetic of a masterpiece

  • ADHDgamerMay 29, 2013

    I have adhd and this is probably one of y favorite games, the smiting gives the game a concept to not just buy every thing and actually make your items, plus the enchantments are some of the best. The story is also amazing I have gone through the dark brotherhood, main quest line, theifs guild, the companions, and the bards guild. putting 350+ hours into this game has made it a classic for me, so watch what you say next time >.>

  • gmangamerMay 01, 2013

    FUCK I HAVE TO MUCH TO DO IN SKYRIM!!!!! What type of complaint is that?

  • BlarghApr 29, 2013

    Actually he's right about everything except point number 2.

  • GentlemanApr 29, 2013

    If your primary form of entertainment is about 10+ hours of socialising every week, why are you even playing a big and involved game like Skyrim. Wouldn't your time be better used on something more pick-up, like a Nintendo DS or Android/iPhone game?

  • WhyApr 29, 2013

    If fucking Skyrim isn't casual enough for you, gott damn you need to go find another hobby to shit up. The casuals are the problem, not the solution.

  • AnonymousApr 29, 2013


  • FanstilianApr 29, 2013

    Why would you even play an RPG if you're looking for a casual experience?

  • gman764Mar 14, 2013

    Worst part is playing for an hour then die and restart from the beginning of the quest. Stupid for a game like this

  • OutlanderMar 22, 2013

    That's why you can save anywhere, anytime. And the game saves itself on a routine basis, every time you rest, travel, go through a door... Only idiots and ES newbies forget to save after every big battle, nice loot, or quest objective. Free-form save system, and you don't take advantage? Speaking of stupid...

  • 69548910665d0130565c22000a1f84ccMar 09, 2013

    (The Poster Formerly Known As "Outlander") When you do your homework, you come to find that Bethesda created their own engine for which to use in Skyrim's development. They've said that they plan on using this engine for at least one more Elder Scrolls title. This engine allowed them to reach monumental, ridiculous feats such as; comprehensive and random weather patterns that generate random snow and rain based on location. Have you ever traveled a familiar back road and crossed a snow drift you could SWEAR didn't belong there?? This engine also allowed them to create random wind patterns, with random strength and directionality. They also had the ability to give each branch of a tree it's own weight, effecting how they move in the wind. The wind also has the ability to dictate the flow of water in certain areas, like large bodies of water, or small streams. Have you ever crossed a river and thought the water level was higher the last time you passed by it?? It's because the tide, or depth of the water has changed, based on the flow of water from larger bodies of water. Have you ever fought a dragon, and found that in the aftermath, the landscape has been altered by the conflict? Casual Gamer or not, you can't justify calling the landscape of Skyrim out, period. Todd Howard approached Skyrim with the belief that they needed something different. Oblivion's setting was classical, European fantasy. Stereotypically European Fantasy, at that. Todd wanted to take an approach that would give Skyrim a surreal feeling. Surreal meaning: Having the qualities of surrealism; bizarre: "a surreal mix of fact and fantasy". Get it now?? Skyrim wasn't supposed to feel like a trip to an alien planet, like Morrowind provided us. Skyrim is inspired by the Vikings of our modern day, that's just how it is. They wanted Skyrim to feel almost like a Norwegian province. It has very mundane creatures likes wolves, elk, deer, moose, fox, hawks, horses, mixed in with dragons, Dearda, wraiths, sabertooth tigers, etc. It has a very rustic feeling, like taking a trip to ancient Norway, or Scandinavia. Morrowind had fantastical, creative and original elements, and that was great, because that was Morrwind, but Skyrim isn't Morrowind. There are NINE provinces in Tamriel, each completely unique beside every other. Someone involved in the creation of Tarmiel was obviously a huge fan of Nordic culture. It just so happens, so am I. Skyrim was perfect for what it was, and that surreal aspect Howard was shooting for, worked wonderfully.

  • DrGamenWApr 03, 2013

    You are just a fanboy, i like skyrim but you are just making stuff up, Skyrim is AMAZING but it isnt close to being a graphical power house. The engine is just an updated one from the one being used on fallout. There is no such thing as random wind patterns being affected by tree branches or bodies of waters changing every day. You are full of crap.

  • AnonymousApr 23, 2013

    if you pay attention to the world around you when playing you might actually see that he's telling the truth, what game has such an emmense world and such nice quality to the game

  • OutlanderApr 25, 2013

    Look up Skyrim on wiki, asshat. You don't have to believe me, I get my facts straight before opening my mouth, lest I sound like a complete fool. Anon 2 has a good point about *paying attention* unread of running around with a raging hard on, thinking you've got it all figured out. Do yourself a favor. Turn on Skyrim, travel to any small stream. Stand in format of it and keep resting for 8-10 hour intervals. Between rests, look closely at the water level and flow... Yea, that's right, you're a complete and utter moron. (And the engine used for Fallout was made by Bethesda and it's use for Fallout was a test run, before upgrading for ES5, their best selling franchise)

  • WawdJun 03, 2013

    I know this is old, but are you seriously saying this game is good because the water levels change and the trees sway differently in the wind? Wow. have to rush right out and buy this.

  • BasedGodApr 29, 2013

    Skyrim is terribad, play New Vegas for a fun as fuck RPG.

  • rockythedudeJun 14, 2013

    why are you talking about Fallout on a topic about The Elders Scrolls series?

  • OutlanderMar 03, 2013

    I'm so sick of hearing about the landscape! You're just looking for reasons to bitch and moan about the game. Skyrim's director, Todd Howard took a GREAT deal of time and effort to redeem the series after the EPIC failure that was Oblivion. Oblivion's landscape was set in Cyrodiil. For those of you who know fuck all about the first 2 games, Arena, and Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, making Oblivian meant sacrificing the ability to create a unique world, as it had already been established, explored, and laid out before us. Oblivion's landscape was largely generated at random, and modified. When Howard approached Skyrim, he decided early on that it would be hand-crafted from top to bottom, and that's what they did. They created the most beautiful, stunning landscape in Elder Scrolls history. About Architecture... Skyrim is an ancient land governed by the Nords. The Nords are inspired heavily by our own Vikings. They are an old world, simple race of men that would logically have a heavily engrained culture and tradition. They would build their homes and castles using a certain method; whatever they've found to work best, and stick to that. If it's not broken, don't try to fix it. I don't have to be the guy who created the Nords to tell you this. Now; the next time you play Skyrim, do me a big fuckin' favor. Fast travel to Whiterun... Look around, Champ. Now fast travel to Windhelm, take another long, hard look around. Now travel to Solitude... You see any difference yet, ya simple minded bastards?

  • SrijsterMar 01, 2013

    Skyrim is, like fridgeracer says, is not a game for 5 minute gamers, but more for an awesome open world single player experience. You see, quests are strictly optional - I don't get your problem with them. For me, they are just something I keep at the back of my list, for when I don't feel like going through that Dwemer city for the main quest just yet, or killing some random dude for the D B-hood. You don't have to clear them, or the bandit outposts on the road (Seriously, if you clear every dungeon on your way to a city, you could finish the main quest in the time, not to mention deaths and everything). The depth for the main quest may be shallow, but the other quests chains have a lot of it. SERIOUS SPOILER ALERT Call me a wimp, but one of the saddest parts of the game, for me, was seeing the DBH dead, and Astrid's condition in the end. SPOILER OVER. For mounted combat, there actually is some in the normal game. I don't know details, but I once got a 1000 septim bounty for killing a guard with Mehrunes's Razor off Shadowmere. I think you can attack from horses, with the right weapons. The only one I agree on with you is the architecture. It does get frustrating to expect a new town, new buildings and castles, just to walk in to see the same old Medival castles and huts and pubs. In fact, it is such a problem, I take huge measures to skip Nordic tombs and Dwemer cities, just thinking of the long haul of the same corridors and dungeons I've seen a 100 times. That is the only one you got right, but the rest are just off. If you play a game like Skyrim, you have to learn and get how to enjoy it.

  • AnonymousMar 01, 2013

    @ fridgeracer agreed

  • fridgeracerFeb 27, 2013

    you're an idiot! games like this are not designed with casual gamers in mind. If you dont have time to properly play an epic RPG such as this, dont! If you have a wife, job and kids, they should always be the priority. ffs even i dont load up skyrim if i only have 30 mins of time before having to go somewhere, i leave it until sundays or saturday evenings when i am off work and dont need to go bed early for the next working day. use your head! you casuals wanting games built for casuals are fucking ruining everything that gets released. nearly everything is a walk in the park and too easy to get into and complete. in the good days of gaming, things were complicated enough that the game came with a fucking dictionary sized manual. any player was an idiot to play it without reading on HOW TO PLAY. today games come in a plastic dvd case with no manual? why? because they made it so fuckin easy for idiots like you to just pick up and play. even on these games of today, you come across 1 problem and you cry that its too hard and takes too much time and you flood the internet with your fucking crying! GET THE FUCK OUT! i despise "gamers" like you. you people are not even gamers, you are not worthy of that fucking title - you never will be. fuck off.

  • AnonymousFeb 22, 2013

    I used to play this dumb game and found out how retarded it was. Voice actors are boring and the game gets slow and you need to buy a card. How stupid.

  • OutlanderFeb 25, 2013

    Voice actors were redundant, not boring. The game dialog requires an interest in the running questline, and or the lore and culture of Skyrim, and furthermore the rich, epic history of Tamriel. Not having that is fine, nothing wrong with that. It doesn't, however, make Skyrim a "dumb" or "retarded" game, or make it "suck." I agree they could have at least given each Jarl his or her own unique voice. That shouldn't however rule a game's value out based on this alone. It *should* be a balance of pros and cons based on a number of variables, the redundancy of the voice actors being the among least of prominence on that list for me personally. Based on: !--->Replay Value<---!(Elder Scrolls 101 kids), Game canon, Series canon, potential character canon(I've used my Dunmer Battlemage, Lazarus Grimmtower since Morrowind. He has 3 games of history under his belt now, although it's cheesy that Nevar's reincarnation is also a dragonborn of prophecy), graphics and landscape, variable class system, detailed and massive skill tree, diverse, and pliable magic system(one of Elder Scrolls crown achievements. BEST magic system ever, in ANY game!), detailed and interactive atmosphere and quests, and Optional quests and free flowing style of world and storyline dynamics, Skyrim is far from a bad game of ANY kind in terms of Traditional Role Playing Games. And that's just ten reasons, the three points on canon being considered one. I think the word retarded is just offensive, under any circumstance or context, but not liking a game personally, doesn't make it suck. I'm not a fan of Borderlands, but it doesn't suck. As a game on paper, it' one of the best out there right now. Amazing series, not for me. Maybe I'm just a mature adult governed by logic and reason. I'll leave it the hands of the reader.

  • YupAug 17, 2013

    I thoroughly enjoyed the magic system, and I have yet to see a better, but I am still so disappointed that there is no custom magic. But it is true that magic does not keep up with the growth of the player. I'm pretty much always a mage character, and I had already learned nearly every spell, (minus special ones that you get for quests), from novice to master, in all five schools of magic, in about 60 hours. A while after that, I just got bored with magic. There was nowhere else to go with it. If they added the ability to make custom spells the magic system would be dang near flawless. And it would have made the College of Winterhold feel more worth it. Like I could actually do "research" as a wizard.

  • OutlanderFeb 25, 2013

    PS: Play on console, it cost FAR less long-term in maintenance. The 21st century has arrived my friend, Console is KING. Ha been for gaming since the Nintendo. Some Computer games are great, but if ever available on console, I deal with any downsides to enjoy a smooth, stable experience with quality across the board from video, audio, to performance. I got sick of tricking out my PC for new games just after the 90's.

  • OutlanderFeb 20, 2013

    Anon ES Fan 8 is right. And Elder Scrolls hasn't changed their target group at all, nor do I feel they will ever. That would be the death of the franchise, period. Zelda and Warcraft fill that void perfectly. When those players mature into better games, Elder Scrolls will always be there waiting. My biggest beef with this article is the landscape... This list was only 5 points long, and the author was forced to reach as far as knocking the visual experience of Skyrim. Now, I don't know if he played, let alone completed Morrowind, or Oblivion, but based on this article, I think it's more than safe to assume he hasn't, or doesn't remember if he did. Morrowind's bland, earth toned, gritty, and redundant landscape of swamp and ash surrounded by an endless blanket of fog was more depressing that an Amy Lee song. It was quite simply drab and gloomy. Oblivion was essentially the same models and objects with texture changes. And Oblivion's landscape too, was drab, bleak, gloomy, and ultimately uninspired. Morrowind is my number 1 game of all time, always will be, but I could go the rest of my life without trudging through another ash storm, or fitting another Blighted Cliffracer... *gags violently* Skyrim, on the other hand... Absolutely BREATH TAKING!! As a Canadian, I find rugged winter landscapes beautiful. With rich color pallets, stunning graphics, detailed texturing and a wide array of different objects and props, the sculpting of Skyrim's landscape alone was perfection. The world is almost seamless to the naked eye. I remember climbing flat-graded mountains in Morrowind to catch a bird's eye, only to see fog, ash, more fog... Lil more ash... More fog. You scale a realistically graded mountain in Skyrim and set your eyes on the horizon, and even the likes of a simpleton has to take a moment to absorb the stunning landscape, straight down to the tiny clouds that linger around the peeks of Skyrim's stone giants!! The mere fact that you made mention of the landscape forces me to feel as though you stretched yourself to find even 5 reasons why Skyrim would suck for any RPG fan, casual or not. I'd rather play a deep, involving game for 1 hour a day, and take 6 months to beat it, than play some 1 dimensional, linear game that offers loupe more than entertainment alone. THAT is a waste of MY time. Any game I play, better be worth WHATEVER amount of time I spend on it. I don't have any time to waste, do you???

  • AnonymousFeb 13, 2013

    I disagree, but that's because I have nothing better to do with my free time. You make a great point but I think Bethesda is trying to change their target audience to younger kids. But, that's just me.

  • Anon Elder Scrolls FanFeb 12, 2013

    Skyrim isn't a casual game, it was never intended to be and if you play it like one than you will be disappointed. However, the game generated repeating side quests ARE indeed worthless,but the unique side quests can be fun. Also, smithing, enchanting, and alchemy are not worthless, time consuming, but not worthless, if you know what you are doing the gear that can be made with these will be FAR ahead of any quest rewards or looted gear and at high levels that kind of gear is almost required due to the game's weird balance at high levels, especially for magic based characters. Skyrim has many problems other than what is mentioned here. I have probably played skyrim for longer than any other poster combined (over 4000 saves so far), I could write a book about the flaws of skyrim if I wanted but I don't agree with most of this list. Also, they patched in limited mounted combat, still no magic while on horse though.

  • TimeLord1984Feb 08, 2013

    Anyone who says Skyrim is the best game ever has clearly never played any BioWare games or simply enjoys roaming aimlessly through virtual worlds, killing hordes of things, using a clumsy, dysfunctional UI, while having minimal interactions with lifeless NPCs that have no real impact on the story. There is absolutely nothing interesting, new, good or innovative about this game. There were DOS games that had more interactions than Skyrim. It's sad how good marketing can turn something that's barely mediocre into a big thing.

  • OutlanderFeb 08, 2013

    -_- People like you are the reason the term "Newb" exists. Anyone who would attempt to compare Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights or Dragon Age to Edler Scrolls is someone who's opinion shouldn't even be taken seriously. I've played every BioWare game ever made, and interestingly enough, mediocre is the perfect word to describe their games.

  • AnonymousMar 05, 2013

    why is that a bad thing? so u want skyrim to be bland and mediocre? i agree with time lord the game has a horrible UI, the combat is very clumsy, the story is simple and unintresting.. (defeat the EVIL DRAGON !!) and the side quests are a joke I felt i was a courier delivering shit to people. what if skyrim was differnt and actually had some innovation? had a better UI, better combat and more complex and deep story? I guess u skyrim nerds dont want that and want to be stuck in this mediocrity that is skyrim. if advocating for change and improvment makes me a so called "newb" then im happy to be one.

  • OutlanderFeb 06, 2013

    You can us BOTH a one-handed weapon, or a bow from mount on the move and stationary. Maybe if you spent less time finding reasons why Skyrim sucks, and more time playing the game well (your time management is horrible), you would know stuff like this, and appreciate a game like Skyrim, AS a casual gamer. You could get a LOT of top of the line action adventure play out of it, as opposed to a short, 1 dimensional, unsatisfying and ultimately forgettable game like God of War, or Assassin's Creed. Morrowind AND Skyrim and two of the best games ever made.

  • Juzt1nFeb 04, 2013

    Alchemy is my main stat or whatever you call it. No I don't use it as intended, I use the internet for recipes so I don't waste my time but if I'm fighting something too hard to beat with my average level sword prowess, I can shoot a few poisoned arrows, use some fortification potions, or become invisible and run away. Not exactly useless or time consuming if you're willing to bend the rules and look up recipes. Also, you're a dumbass for not just taking the taxi-carriage I'd hate the game too if I had to walk everywhere..

  • JacJan 31, 2013

    I'm a casual gamer and I've played Skyrim a lot. Had it for over a year now, and still haven't done everything. It is a huge game. You know, if you don't want to get to distracted by forts and such on the way to a quest, try fast traveling to it or the closest area you have to it, or use the cart at Whiterun stables. I do agree with you somewhat about smithing and alchemy. I would throw enchanting in there too. Its time consuming, and feels like work. They aren't worthless though. I didn't know what I was doing on my first time through, and didn't do any of the 3, and had to put it down to novice to beat it.

  • dosvJan 25, 2013

    This guy is stupid skyrims the best ever

  • minaJan 18, 2013

    oh yes i hate this game because its too much fun and its too good...

  • AnonJan 14, 2013

    "Skyrim sucks for casual gaming." ... Good thing it's /not/ a casual game.

  • MEDec 19, 2012

    Skyrim always sucks. Boring, overrated, not much people care about it, they try to make the trailer as good but it just gives people stress and depression. And so does morrowind and oblivion they all suck equally. Warcraft is a much cooler game. Except for WoW.

  • AnonMar 10, 2013

    Please go try to flame people somewhere else

  • wut?May 09, 2013

    Only nerds or no lifers play WoW/World of warcraft. When my buddy was banned for some time he began to shove a remote up his ass... WoW ruins your life + It is sucking up you time. And in WoW you can't free Roam until lvl 90 FFS. And i Love the games Morrowind , Oblivion And skyrim. And now i will get Tons of nerds and no lifers sending hate mails to me....

  • uhmNov 14, 2012

    You praise morrowind but complain about skyrim. One of your major complaints being that there is too much to do in skyrim... I hope your kidding. It took me about a month to do everything in morrowind, and it took me less than a week to do everything in skyrim. As for clearing out that bandit fort - you could have simply kept walking to your destination. Your biggest beef with the game, solved. Ingredients hard to find? Just look at the ground once in a while - you see that bush next to you? It's an ingredient you can harvest. Visually I found Skyrim prettier than Morrowind - yet another point we disagree on. I found the constant ash storms and gloomy/dark areas in Morrowind weren't all that exciting. The only 2 complaints I didn't address were the smithing and the mounted combat. For a casual gamer I would agree smithing is mostly worthless. Mounted combat makes zero difference to me. I would be surprised if it was really that big of a deal to you to actually hate the game over something so... silly.

  • AnonymousDec 19, 2012

    It's all boring. Online is much better anyways, except for that stupid Elder Butts Online one.

  • BrightJan 14, 2013

    You realize some people don't like online because, I don't know, ten year olds are on it? Try tolerating Call of Duty for fifteen minutes. The relaxing solitude of individual gaming is a welcome reprieve.

  • CarnageSep 03, 2012

    So, basically, you're complaining that this game has too much content? Are you serious? You have "beef" with this game because there's too much content, and much of it is "unoriginal?" You casuals shouldn't have the nerve to gripe about how you don't have enough time to play a game with such breathtaking detail, considering that you aren't actual gamers anyway.

  • AnonymousJan 04, 2013

    Dude you are so right this guy just needs to get a life.If he has enough time to write this review then I don't understand how he can only play skyrim for an hour.He probably wrote this review because he sucks at the game and has no skills at gaming.Theres my solution.

  • dosvJan 25, 2013

    This guy knows what hes talkin about

  • CarnelblobAug 03, 2012

    6. The main story was more of a bad afterthought..... It felt like they planned nothing but side quests and then through it in to say it had one......

  • bobMay 23, 2012

    If you don't like smithing, don't do it. If you don't like side-quests, don't do them. If you don't like the main quest, don't do it. If you prefer the civil-war plot line, play it. The beauty of skyrim is that it plays well no matter your gaming style. It sounds like your criticism is more criticism of RPG style games in general. That's fine, but nothing is stopping you from playing the civil war quest line in 30 minute bursts in between your busy, big boy life.

  • PhilMay 02, 2012

    Long time lurker, first time poster, I enjoy these posts by the way, I am a casual gamer like you and I found Skyrim to be time consuming. I suggest you try Prototype 1 or 2. Best open world game I have played since the GTA series.

  • Viet DoMay 02, 2012

    hey thanks for the comment Phil, I'm sure Mike will appreciate it.

  • STEELApr 27, 2012

    You're right on mark with regard to the "casual" gamer hating this game but even a seasoned Skyrim player will get bored with the side quests after playing for a few hours. The never ending side quests are definitely a bummer ! Good review; it's refreshing to see someone tell it like it is ! I hope the upcoming DLC doesn't add another load of endless side quests !

  • jonathan newell Apr 27, 2012

    Thanx for the review. I haven't gotten it yet and was worried that it might be a little too time consuming..

  • Mike PaddockApr 26, 2012

    So maybe you think Skryim is the best game ever. Well, if you have a finite time to play the game and you consider yourself a "casual gamer" --- trust us, you'll hate this game.

  • aeyeawsMay 07, 2013

    skyrims a step back form oblivion and even morrowind cause there were twink mechanics there, here its just never ending boredom and sudden death if you play a non defensive character

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