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PS4 Pro Deals: Where to Find When It's Not Black Friday

Looking for a PS4 Pro but don't want to pay the full $400 list price? You've come to the right place as we'll be pointing you to the current best PS4 Pro deals, even though it's not quite Black Friday yet!

The PlayStation 4 Pro isn't a gaming console prone to the sort of discounts you'll often see on the cheaper PlayStation 4 Slim or even an Xbox One. You may think the best time of year to find a PS4 Pro on sale is during Black Friday, but since we're far from November, will you be relegated to paying full price? Not at all, as there are "hidden" PS4 Pro deals available online if you know where to look.

In this post, we'll showcase where you can find the cheapest PS4 Pro deals from new units to refurbished, and discuss the pricing we've seen since the console's release on November 10, 2016, last year. If you want a reader's digest version or simply a list of the best deals, check here.

The Best PlayStation 4 Pro Deals

Deals on PS4 Pro is extremely fluid in recent days as we near the holiday season. The table above is automatically updated based on what our editors have found across the web.

While all retailers are showing full price, right now there are actually two coupon code discounts available at Jet and Newegg. The best pick is the one listed on top of the deal table, which is courtesy of Newegg via their eBay storefront. To use code PCOLLEGE10 during checkout, you must use PayPal at checkout. Besides free shipping, Newegg's PS4 Pro deal is also sales tax limited to only four states, namely CA, IN, NJ, and TN. If you don't reside in those states - that's additional strong savings.

For the second deal listed above, we're choosing Jet's PS4 Pro deal. Previously, Jet has a coupon code that was reserved for only new customers - but for a limited time Jet is running a summer themed coupon, knocking as much as $40 off list price if you use code ITSELECTRIC40 during checkout.

For those willing to save an extra $10 by going refurbished, your best bet for a refurbished console is GameStop where you'll save $50 with a price cut to $349.99. This offer handily beats Amazon's $379.99 for used consoles.


  •'s new SAVE15 code will expire September 1, 2017
  • deal via code ITSELECTRIC40 will expire soon on July 30, 2017
  • Newegg at eBay deal with code PCOLLEGe10 runs through August 1st, 2017

Which Stores Usually Discounts the PS4 Pro?

Based on our experience, deals on the PS4 Pro are most frequently found at the retailers listed below, sorted by frequency of actual legit discounts:

  • generally with a $20 to $40 coupon.
  • Newegg: random weekend deals with a $20 to $30 coupon.
  • eBay: deals occur every other month at select retailers for about $30 off.
  • Amazon: seasonal holiday sale with discount as high as $60.
  • GameStop: seasonal holiday sale with minor $20 discount, and deeper discount on "refurbished" units.

How Many PS4 Pro Bundles Are There?

As of writing? Just one. And it's not even available yet!

Announced earlier this Summer, the white chassis Destiny 2 PS4 Pro will arrive along side the game's launch on September 6, 2017. Pricing, unfortunately, won't get any cheaper as the list price is $449.99 USD (or $549.99 CAN). The same price you'd pay for if you had purchased the console and Destiny 2 separately. Having said that, you are getting access to a WHITE PlayStation 4 Pro, so if that's a must-have factor (or you're a big Destiny fan), this bundle may just be worth waiting for.

What about other "bundles" out there?

Need more than just a PlayStation 4 anyway and wouldn't mind catching savings in a bundle package? Bundles are the most common way to get a deal on the PS4 Pro at most retailers, but offers are only readily available during the holiday seasons. The one exception is Walmart who regularly bundles the PS4 Pro with various games and accessories.

These bundles at Walmart can at times be good values but are more often not. The first bundle they display at Wallmart is the PS4 Pro + GTA V + 8 in 1 Kit for $514. That's $114 more than you would spend vs. buying the PS4 Pro alone to get ultimately about $75 in equipment if you were to buy the game + kit separately online.

The most expensive bundle Walmart offers is the PlayStation VR Start Bundle with the PS4 Pro with a full VR system and 7 games for $1,567.04. This is not a value considering we estimate the whole package would cost $1,134 if you bought everything separately online. Of course on Walmart's site they claim to be saving you over $300, the reality is much different. The lesson is that these bundles generally overestimate their own value and project phantom savings that never existed in the first place. We have seen exceptions to this rule at Walmart, but as a general rule, be skeptical about the savings in these high priced bundles.

PS4 Pro on Black Friday in 2017: What to Expect

If the current batch of deals isn't to your liking, what can you expect on the biggest shopping day of the year? Well, to look forward we should look behind us and see what was available last year, Black Friday 2016.

The best PS4 Pro deal was Amazon with a pure and simple price drop to $339.99. This was the lowest price anyone was offering the Pro at last year during the big day, so with it being a year old in November 2017, we should expect some retailers to match this discount. What is likely to happen is that at least one retailer will try to out compete others or price cut it even further, perhaps as low as $309.99. That said, it's likely that won't be the best PS4 Pro Black Friday deal in 2017, and we guess that based on the bundle offers we saw in 2016.

More numerous than price drops in 2016 were the retailers bundling the PS4 Pro with games and other accessories. Amazon and B&H Photo both had the PS4 Pro bundled with a 55-inch Sony HDTV for $1,000 which was equivalent to getting the TV at its best price online and paying an extra $100 for a PlayStation 4 Pro.

Other PS4 Pro bundles included free games. Best Buy ran an offer for some time giving you the Pro console with a free copy of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition - an $80 newly released game at the time. NewEgg bundled the PS4 Pro with a free copy of Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration, which had a $60 value. We expect this to be the common way retailers try to lure buyers into getting a Pro from them.

Have you spotted any other PS4 Pro deals from legitimate retailers? Let us know in the comments and we'll update the post accordingly.

    Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

  • Mike PaddockApr 17, 2017

    You want a PS4 Pro deal but it's not Black Friday? You're not out of luck. There are discounts, bundles, and refurbished offers to consider though we all know the best offers are coming on the big day. Here are the deals you can find today and what we expect the PS4 Pro to drop to on Black Friday 2017.

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