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Total War Attila Pre-Order Deals & Bonuses Breakdown

Thinking about Total War: Attila? Our resident Total War nerd, Mike Paddock breaks down the pre-order deals available and the bonuses the developers are throwing at you to incentivize a sale.

In less than two weeks Creative Assembly will launch the 9th installment of the Total War series: Total War: Attila. The game is a stand alone rather than just an expansion to the 2012 release Total War: Rome II and is priced at $44.99 on Steam right now.

Thankfully us bargain hunters don't need to pay quite that much. A few digitally authorized retailers (not risky CD key sites) have discounts availble which will save a bit of cash, though the discounts will only last while the game is a pre-order.

Total War Attila Pre-Order Deals



Total War: Attila is to Total War: Rome II, as the Barbarian Invasion expansion was to the original Rome: Total War. You get the exact same 395 AD starting date, with the only concept difference being the new Attila is a stand alone game, like how Napolean: Total War was to Empire: Total War. They might be really milking the seriers with this move, but I guess if you don't own Total War: Rome II, you won't need it to play the new Total War: Attila.

Pre-Order Bonus = More Factions

There will be a whopping 56 factions in the game, with 10 playable in the standard edition and 3 more playable if you get the "Viking Forefathers" DLC pack. The pack is free if you pre-order the game, but after the February 17th release date it will cost extra cash (probably $7.99).

Base Game

  • The Huns
  • Eastern Roman Empire
  • Western Roman Empire
  • Sassanid Empire
  • The Visigoths
  • The Vandals
  • The Alans
  • The Saxons
  • The Ostrogoths
  • The Franks

Viking Forefathers Culture Pack

  • The Danes
  • The Geats
  • The Jutes


    Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

  • Mike PaddockFeb 05, 2015

    Total War reboots the Barbarian Invasion expansion pack from the original Rome Total War as a stand alone game. Thankfully there's discounts available, and even pre-order bonuses for the highly anticipated release.

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