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Upcoming Games & Deals, April 2012 Edition

Its another beautiful Wednesday, and you know what that means --- our regular "Upcoming Games & Deals" updated to an April 2012 edition! If you haven't seen the previous post yet, we've been regularly tracking gaming deals as they come in by the month, and we update the list every Wednesday of the week. You can check out the previous list of March 2012 gaming deals here.

For the month of April, it looks like things are a bit slow with only 12 games thus far on the list. We've added most of the games that seems to be of interest, and left some of the smaller, downloadable console games off the list for now (e.g. PS Network & Xbox Live download games). There are obviously some big titles coming out in May (Diablo 3 etc), but for now let's take a look at what's in store for April:

Updated: 4/4/2012

Game Best Price* Platform Release Date Previews / Trailers
Kinect: Star Wars $39.99 360 4/03/2012 IGN - Kotaku - First Impression via Platform 32
Devil May Cry HD Collection N/A 360, PS3 4/03/2012 GameInformer - YouTube
I Am Alive N/A PS3 4/03/2012 Brad Shoemaker @ Giant Bomb - YouTube
Xenoblade Chronicles N/A Wii 4/06/2012 TrendyGamers - IGN Review - YouTube
Tribes: Ascend N/A PC, 360 4/12/2012 Destructoid - FPSguru - YouTube
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings $44.99 360 4/17/2012 1UP - YouTube
Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat N/A 360, PS3 4/17/2012 ShackNews - YouTube
Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention N/A PS Vita 4/17/2012 IGN - 1UP - YouTube
Lollipop Chainsaw $44.99 360, PS3 4/24/2012 gamesradar - atomicgamer - YouTube
Prototype 2 $58.92 360, PS3, PC 4/24/2012 JTM Games - joystiq - IGN - YouTube
Myst N/A 3DS 4/26/2012 joystiq - YouTube
The Walking Dead: The Game N/A 360, PS3, PC, Mac 4/30/2012 CheatCodeCentral - IGN - YouTube

Previous Games & Deals Chart-o-Rama:

    Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

  • Viet DoMar 28, 2012

    April's quickly around the corner and you've probably played out all the amazing Mass Effect 3 endings (heh) so you're anxiously waiting for new release in April. As usual, we've put together a list of upcoming games in April and the deals we've spotted thus far.

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