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Upcoming Games & Deals: June 2012 All the Good Games Are Years Later Edition

Its E3 week but you're probably also wondering what type of games are coming out in June. Here's our monthly upcoming game release chart for your handy reference. I'm personally looking forward to Little Big Planet for the PS Vita that I never bought, just like the rest of the gaming community! *tehe?*

Beyond Max Payne 3, there really isn't any particularly exciting title (to me personally anyways) --- The Amazing Spiderman is supposedly going to be interesting, but I'll reserve judgement for movie tie-in games after release. Most of the exciting games have already been revealed at E3 (Watch Dogs, ZombiU, etc.) -- but they are far from being release. Le sigh.

Game Best Price* Platform Release Date Previews / Trailers
Max Payne 3 $59.99** PC 6/01/12 PC Gamer - YouTube
Rayman Origins $28.99 3DS 6/05/12 Eurogamer - YouTube
Inversion $53.99 360, PS3, PC 6/05/12 G4 - YouTube
Lollipop Chainsaw $56.99 360, PS3 6/12/2012 IGN - YouTube
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier $46.54 PC 6/12/2012 Pocket Lint - YouTube
Gravity Rush $39.99 6/12/2012 Eurogamer - YouTube
MGS HD Collection $29.99 PS Vita 6/12/2012 IGN - YouTube
Pokemon Conquest n/a DS 6/18/2012 Games Radar - YouTube
Civilization V: Gods & Kings $29.99 PC 6/19/2012 Washington Post - YouTube
Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor n/a 360 6/19/2012 Destructoid - YouTube
The Secret World $49.99** PC 6/19/2012 Games Radar - YouTube
Specs Op: The Line $59.99** 360, PS3, PC 6/26/2012 PC World - YouTube
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 n/a 360, PS3 6/26/2012 NOWGamer - YouTube
Little Big Planet n/a PS Vita 6/26/2012 Joystiq - YouTube
The Amazing Spider-Man $59.99 360, PS3, PC 6/26/2012 CheatCC - YouTube

    Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

  • Viet DoJun 05, 2012

    Another month, another set of games to look forward to in June. Nothing too exciting in June but PC gamers did had Max Payne to look forward to.

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