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Upcoming Games & Deals, March 2012 Edition

You know how it is. Too many games, too little time. Don't worry: no life, plenty of time, and girlfriend-less Dealzon is here to help! (Alright, just kidding...some of us even have wive(s)).

Below you'll find a handy dandy chart showing all the popular upcoming games releasing in March, in order of release date. Each game's row contains links to previews, reviews release date, and trailers. This chart will be updated on a weekly basis, usually when we do our weekly Kotaku Moneysaver post, and we'll create a new chart/post for each subsequent month.

Not all March releases will be listed, but we try to list noteworthy games with a sizable following, high buzz level on gaming review sites, etc. etc. If you feel like we've missed a worthy game, let us know and we'll happily add it to the list! If we somehow missed a AAA title, then feel free to call us morons.

Chart last updated: 3/21/2012

Game Best Price* Platform Release Date Previews Trailers
PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond n/a Wii 2/27/12 IGN - NintendoWorldReport YouTube
SSX $59.99** PS3 2/28/12 Shacknews - Eurogamer - joystiq YouTube
Binary Domain $52.99 360, PS3 2/28/12 Sonyrumors - The Controller Online YouTube
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 $29.96 DS 2/28/12 Silconera - Nintendo Charged Gameinformer
Mass Effect 3 $59.99** 360, PS3, PC 3/6/12 Wolf's Gaming Blog - Megagames - Gamer Gaia YouTube
Street Fighter x Tekken $56.99 360, PS3 3/6/12 Destructoid - Video Games Bloggers YouTube
MLB 12: The Show $57.94 PS3 3/6/12 Gameinformer - Gamezone Gametrailers
Unit 13 $37.99 VITA 3/6/12 Pocket Gamer - Destructoid YouTube
I Am Alive n/a 360 3/7/12 Total Video Games - Eurogamer - GamersRadar Gametrailers
Mario Party 9 $49.53 Wii 3/11/12 GamrReview - Video Games Blogger Youtube
Silent Hill: Downpour $56.99 360, PS3 3/13/12 Joystiq - IGN - Destructoid Youtube
Yakuza: Dead Souls $44.99 PS3 3/13/12 Destructoid - IGN - Kotaku Youtube
Tales of Graces F $56.99 PS3, Wii 3/13/12 RPGFan - GameDynamo - JustPushStart Youtube
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations $59.95 360, PS3 3/13/12 WorthPlaying - At7Addak - CheatCodeCentral Youtube
Journey n/a PS3 3/13/12 Games Radar - - Game Revolution Youtube
Fifa Street $44.99 360, PS3 3/13/12 UGO - GamersHub YouTube
Armored Core V $56.99 360, PS3 3/20/12 IGN - eGamer - StrategyInformer Youtube
Ninja Gaiden III $54.96 360, PS3 3/20/12 Joystiq - G4 - NOW Gamer Youtube
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City $56.99 360, PS3 3/20/12 IGN - Game Revolution - Destructoid Youtube
Silent Hill HD Collection $39.96** 360, PS3 3/20/12 Games Radar - - Peter Reviews Youtube
Ridge Racer n/a VITA 3/20/12 GameRevolution - Games Radar - NOW Gamer YouTube
Kid Icarus Uprising n/a 3DS 3/23/12 Destructoid - Toronto Thumbs - GameJudgment Youtube
Silent Hill: Book of Memories $39.96** VITA 3/27/12 IGN - Gamefront - Cheat Code Central Youtube
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 $44.99 360, PS3 3/27/12 RightTrigger - IGN YouTube

*Best Price: For the best prices section, we list the price we find at the time of writing. As mentioned, we'll update the chart on a weekly basis, but if you want to see the latest updated price, just click on the game's name and you'll be taken to our deal page if we have one for the game. We update most games on a daily basis. If a game deal has expired recently, you'll see the Best Price struck through.

**Certain games will have bonuses such as a $10 buying credit, pre-order bonuses, etc. We'll note these credits with two asterisks next to them.

Initially we wanted to include an average Metascore rating for the games below, but since most of the titles aren't yet released, they don't have a reasonable number of reviews yet (if any), thus highly skewing results.

The chart formatting has been set to the style of our favorite gaming redditor, ThisWeekInGaming, who we hope has a speedy recovery, from one gamer to another.

If you come across worthwhile previews or things you feel we're missing, feel free to leave a comment or contact us! Until then, see you next update/month.

    Past Editor’s Notes and Discussions

  • Viet DoFeb 23, 2012

    You know how it is. Too many games, too little time. Don't worry, your pals at Dealzon are here to help. We've listed all the noteworthy upcoming games in March 2012, their best deals, preview links, and trailer links so you can keep on top of where to spend your hard-earned dollar.

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