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Apple Computer Prices: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Retina Display Price Comparison

Updated by: Jonathan Otto

Below are all the newest Apple MacBook Air and Pro laptop models, including the ones with Retina Display. The cheapest prices are highlighted in GREEN.

Macbook AirsListAmazonMacMallMac ConnectionBest Buy
11" MacBook Air 1.7i5x2/4gb/64ssd 06/2012$999$938.99N/AN/A$939.99
11" MacBook Air 1.7i5x2/4gb/128ssd 06/2012$1,099$1,035.97N/AN/A$1,035.99
13" MacBook Air 1.8i5x2/4gb/128ssd 06/2012$1,199N/AN/AN/A$1,129.99
13" MacBook Air 1.8i5x2/4gb/256ssd 06/2012$1,499N/AN/AN/A$1,319.99
Macbook ProsListAmazonMacMallMac ConnectionBest Buy
13" MacBook Pro 2.5i5x2/4gb/500 06/2012$1,199N/AN/A$1,199$1,129.99
13" MacBook Pro 2.9i7x2/8gb/750gb 06/2012$1,499N/AN/AN/A$1,419.99
13" MacBook Pro 2.5i5x2/8gb/128ssd "retina" 10/2012$1,699N/AN/AN/A$1,449.99
13" MacBook Pro 2.5i5x2/8gb/256ssd "retina" 10/2012$1,999N/AN/AN/A$1,519.99
15" MacBook Pro 2.3i7x4/4gb/500gb 06/2012$1,799N/AN/AN/A$1,709.99
15" MacBook Pro 2.6i7x4/8gb/750gb 06/2012$2,199N/AN/AN/A$1,999.99
15" MacBook Pro 2.3i7x4/8gb/256ssd "retina" 06/2012$2,199N/AN/AN/A$1,979.99
15" MacBook Pro 2.6i7x4/8gb/512ssd "retina" 06/2012$2,799N/AN/AN/A$2,369.99
Apple iPodsListAmazonMacMallMac ConnectionBest Buy
iPod Touch 5th gen 32GB 10/2012$299$274.99N/AN/A$284.99
iPod Touch 5th gen 64GB 10/2012$399N/AN/AN/A$384.99

Cheap Apple products are rare but not impossible to find. A few retailers offer significant discounts around the year. Our pricetable is updated nearly every day with the lowest and cheapest prices on Apple's main product lines.


If you're trying to decide which model of laptop to get, first decide how you'll use the laptop. Apple's entry level 11-inch Macbook Air provides plenty of power for casual computer users but lacks an optical drive. If that fits your needs (for most people it will), then you're done. If you want something a little larger or faster you will want to look at the MacBook Pro line which offers 13-inch and 15-inch screen sizes as well as a gorgeous high resolution Retina display if you so choose. If you want a thin and lightweight laptop and don't mind the lack of a built-in CD/DVD drive, take a look at the MacBook Air. If you still don't mind the lack of optical drive but like the idea of a gorgeous Retina display and a little more horsepower, go with the MacBook Pro Retina. Otherwise, you'll need to go with the standard MacBook Pros for disc-reading needs.

MacBook Pro

The standard by which all other laptops are judged. Apple's basic MacBook Pro line isn't cheap, but its constituents are considered by many to be the best laptops you can buy (other than the step-up Retina display models). Both 13-inch and 15-inch models come in at 0.95-inches thick and are made from one piece of machined aluminum. There's minimal flex in the body and the keyboards are backlit.

The 13-inch Macbook Pro is the Everyman machine. It's fast, has lots of storage, an optical drive, and it's durable. 1280x800 resolution will suffice.

At 15-inches we get 1440x900 resolution and quad core Intel i7 Processors in the default config. These are fast machines, particularly useful for video editing.

If you're looking to edit photos, high definition video, or just want a screen that immerses you in your computing environment, the MacBook Pro Retina display models are at the front of the high performance screen pack. Employing a mind-boggling 2560x1600 display in the 13-inch model and a 2880x1800 display in the 15-inch model, these omit the optical drive in favor of thinness (0.75 and 0.71 inches thick, respectively). As you might expect, they're more pricey than their less pixel-packed Pro brethren, but they're the cutting edge model and feature solid state storage rather than platter drives.

MacBook Air

When thin, light, and mobile are your most important features, it's hard to beat Apple's MacBook Air. Again, this one isn't cheap but it delivers with 0.11 to 0.68-inch thickness front to back, weighs only 3 pounds, and still provides either a 11.6-inch 1366x768 display or a 13.3-inch 1440x900 display - higher pixel densities than the standard MacBook Pro 13.

You won't get an internal CD/DVD drive but can plug an external one in. It's not the fastest, it's not the cheapest, but it is thin, light, and portable.


If you don't really need a full blown laptop you may want to consider Apple's iPad. It's smaller, cheaper, and provides all the basic computing functions such as browsing the web, email, photos, and more. You can add on an optional keyboard dock if you find yourself wanting a physical keyboard or use the iPad's on-screen keypad. This is the perfect Facebook, YouTube, and instant messaging machine. The 3rd and 4th generation iPads feature the high-resolution Retina display for a seamless, engaging experience.

iPad mini

For the function of the iPad with a smaller footprint, the iPad mini is a great alternative. Small enough to be held comfortably in one hand and inherently more portable, this tablet does everything its older sibling does, albeit at a lower resolution than the Retina display models. (Fingers crossed for upcoming models...)



If you don't need a laptop and really appreciate a large screen, Apple's iMac is a stunning and beautiful computer. Essentially an HDTV with a computer built inside, it's available in 21.5-inch and 27-inch sizes and is powerful enough for most computer professionals.

Mac Pro

For when nothing but the most powerful computer will do. Apple's Mac Pro is designed for serious computing. Cheap isn't anywhere to be found, but fast and big certainly is.

Mac mini

Want a Mac but don't want to spend more than necessary? Already have a monitor and keyboard you're happy with? Apple's Mac mini is designed to replace your desktop computer without the need for buying a new monitor, keyboard, or mouse. It's the cheapest desktop computer Apple sells and the smallest.



If you're looking for a smartphone, or superphone, the iPhone is the standard by which all other phones are judged. It wins with its technology, form factor, and incredibly large app store. It's a computer in your pocket. The problem? It's not cheap. Service will run you $90+/month with an initial $199+ up front cost for the newest generation (currently the iPhone 5). Is it worth it? That's up to you.

iPod Touch

If the thought of paying so much each month for an iPhone isn't appealing but you'd still like a computer in your pocket, the iPod touch is the cheaper alternative. Get access to hundreds of thousands of applications via the app store, browse the web, email, play games, and have fun.

iPod Nano

It's small, takes pictures, plays videos, and holds 16GB of music and video. It's cheaper than the iPod touch but doesn't have access to the App Store.

iPod Shuffle

When small is your priority, the iPod shuffle wins. It's smaller than most headphones and easily clips onto your clothing. It really feels more like a part of your headphones and not a separate device. 2GB of music, no display. Usually available for under $50.