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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about Dealzon and what we do? Chances are someone's wondered the same thing.

I) What's Dealzon?

We're a group of gamers that likes to help fellow gamers save money on gaming and technology products. Using custom code and common sense, we wade through the junk and only show you the best deals online. It's that simple!

II) The price isn't the same as what you listed! What gives?

There could be a number of reasons why the price you see may be different:

  1. You may have missed a coupon or special instructions. For some deals, you'll need to enter a coupon during the checkout process or mail in a rebate to get the final price we list.

  2. The deal may have expired early. While some of the deals we list have an expiration date associated to them, at times products may sell out early or retailers may decide to end a promotion. Unfortunately in most of these cases the situation is out of our control. If you see an expired deal that still seems to be active please leave a comment on the deal page and an editor will check it out ASAP.

III) Has my order shipped? Can I cancel my order? Do you ship to X country?

Dealzon does not sell or ship any products. We simply find and list deals from reputable retailers to you from across the web. Think of us like a newspaper classified. If you're having a problem with your order, your best bet is to contact customer service for the retailer in question.

If you experience any difficulty with any particular deal or retailer, please do let us know via the contact page. You can also leave a comment on the individual deal page. Dealzon strives to maintain a list of reputable retailers with great customer service, if a certain retailer doesn't meet the community needs, we will investigate and take action on removing the retailer from being featured on Dealzon.

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